Amare Equilibrium (Argent Dawn) - LF Tank, Healer and Ranged DPS for our Raid Team for Season 4

Hello friends! <Amare Equilibrium> is looking for you!

We are a cross-faction, cross-realm community/guild that focuses on AotC and KSM+. You could classify us as semi-hardcore while also keeping a social environment outside of our raid days.

We have a guild on Argent Dawn, but we won’t ask you to start fresh or transfer to the server. Most of our communication happens through Discord.

Our guild/community was created as a fun and open space for everyone, no matter if you are a veteran or beginner. We offer a chill and open-minded atmosphere for anyone who wants the same. You will always be welcomed and allowed to be yourself with us, within reason of course.

What can we offer each other?

Our focus is HC raiding with AoTC as the main goal.
Raid days are Thursday and Monday, from 20:00 to 23:00 server time.

We have achieved AoTC for the past two tiers and hope to continue to do so!

Mythic+ is another big one, with some of us putting together group runs almost every day.
Many guildies shoot for KSM and above each season, as well as offer help to others who are interested in learning to improve or looking to just have some fun.

What we would like of you:

  • Age: 18+
  • Discord: Be able to listen! Having a mic is preferred. Being present in VC during raids is mandatory!
  • An ilvl of at least 460.
  • A basic understanding of your class and motivation to improve if/when needed.

Above all we expect everyone to show respect towards each other. Please don’t forget that there are people behind the pixels. Life can be tough, no need to make it worse!

What we are currently recruiting:

At the moment what we really are looking for are DPS, specifically ranged! And, ideally a mage or hunter. We will consider other DPS as well, but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee you a spot in our raid team.

We also need a tank (any class is welcome).

And we need a healer (priest preferred; but will accept anything you enjoy playing).

Alright, so what now?

If you’re interested in joining us, want more info, or simply wish to have a chat, you can contact us on:
Discord: Inquilab or retribute_red
BNet: Inquilab#2831 or punchfire#2303

We hope to see you soon!

Amare Equilibrium is still recruiting