Amazon Prime TCG Mount Rewards

I just signed up for a free trial then this appeared on my newsfeed so that was lucky. Then I realised they are going to be doing them for a year.

You have to pay them 1 cent to verify your account to get the Amazon Prime Trial and then cancel the trial.

Surely this won’t be possible for every single Prime promotion. I’d imagine there is either a cooldown on the trial, or it’s a once per payment option.

Just make a new email and a new prime account and you can get a new trial for the same price, then just link it with your bnet and done.

The next time you would have to pay 2-3 bucks or something for a month subscription I guess.

I like that these are becoming more widely available. Trouble I have is that both my partner and I play WoW and we only pay for one Prime. Could it be possible that Prime members get it instantly, but non-prime players could get it by watching xx number of hours watching a WoW streamer?

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