Ambitious & Loyal Rogue LF HC GUILD TBC!


With TBC releasing within the next months I’m not looking simply for a regular guild, but more for a longterm home.

I’m playing WoW since 15 years (Break during MoP & after BFA S1)

During my career I’d gather alot of experience and master my Dragonslayer skills aswell as slaying my opponents in the Arena.

- Quick Facts -

  • 15 Years of WoW as Rogue main
  • Several World #4 - 20 kills during Legion with
  • Multi R1 Gladiator experience as Rogue aswell as Gladiator experience as Priest
  • Loyal, communicative & ambitious

- WoW Classic -

  • Since May 2020
  • T3 Content Clear
  • R14 High Warlord
  • Break during AQ

- Future Goals TBC -

  • Farm T3 9/9
  • Be part of the core of a great guild & not just a follower
  • TBC PVP: R1
  • TBC PVE: Semi - Hardcore / Hardcore Raiding
  • Willing to take responsability as Class-Lead / Officer in TBC

To reach all my goals and have an amazing time together I’m looking for a Guild to call home and re-experience everything that made Burning Crusade in my opinion the best expansion by far!

Ideally you share the same goals as me, so we can start building up the core & synergi.

If this crazy loyal rogue sounds like the perfect match for your guild, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact me on either;

BNET: Kikolerogue#2483
Discord: Juicyca#4549

Looking forward for a great future TOGETHER!

PS: I’m currently playing on Patchwerk, but more then willing to transfer in order to join my new home.

#bump… still looking…

Silly question,. but horde or alliance ?

Currently Horde, Altho willing to change for the right project.

Not sure if and when blizz will make faction change viable for tbc…?

Add me discord for a chat if u like :slight_smile:

Hey, i sent you a friend request on discord - Khalia#4035

#bump, still looking…

ALSO interested in players that are interessted in forming a brandnew amazing guildproject. msg me :slight_smile:

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#willing to play alt for Splitraiding if needed aswell.
Up to T6 Experience also as Mage, Shadow & Lock.