Amd 6900 xt constant black screens

Anyone experienced blackscreens(especially in azure vault) while using 6900 xt or other amd gpus?

I player wow since june to september on the same gpu i had 0 problems.
When DF came i started getting random blackscreens. I would get them in other games, but in wow they were the most frequent.
My father is working in the IT support and could not detect anything wrong with the gpu.
I even ran a 8 hour long benchmark holding the gpu at 98% usage and nothinf bad happened. The moment i would go to wow black screens start happening.
I tried reinstalling drivers, updated bios, using older drivers, nothing works.

Now i crashed in azure vault in the first pull(where i usually crash for some reason) and every time i try to enter the game i get the black screen again.

I have heared ppl had reported this problem in the near past and i am wondering, did they fix the problems somehow?

Thanks in advance

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99% likely drivers they have been a pain for 6+ months now.

You have few options disabling MPO however this is not really a fix its more of a bandaid, it does come with its own issues, it all depends if you are lucky or not for me i start to get gpu driver freezes if i disable MPO in world of warcraft altho it can technically happen with MPO as well it does however fix my blackscreens

My prefered solution tho is download DDU go into options inside DDU disable windows driver updates, restart into safe mode use DDU again to also remove the drivers.
Re download both chipset and gpu drivers reinstall both 22.5.1 is most stable for world of warcraft currently.

Keep MPO enabled, use firefox instead of chrome, disable hardware acceleration in every app like steam discord you can leave hardware acceleration on inside firefox but disable it if you still have problems.

Also go inside edge even if you do not use it and disable hardware acceleration inside edge as this is also chromium based.

and just hope for the best.

Alternatively install linux altho avg user probably does’t have experience to figure that out, if personally installed linux so i least have the option to fall back to it when something is not playable due driver issues but thats up to you.

Also if you gonna use the disable MPO method and you still have issues try DDU and reinstall chipset + gpu drivers anyway to rule out driver corruption cos windows update is annoying and frequently corrupting drivers with AMD, its almost as if Microsoft hates AMD users.

i still get crashes with mpo disabled and i am using the 22.5.1. driver.
i cannot install new chipsets as i have them installed from windows and i always get an error for whatever reason.
thanks for the input

Might be worth doing a clean install then but ofcourse disable windows driver updates right away as well via DDU options if so.
Maybe you can clean the chipset drivers via DDU as well there option for it, something on your windows install is probably broken preventing you from installing things properly.

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