Amirdrassil tier shoulders visual glitch

I have no idea if this is the place to put it, but there is a graphical glitch with the Priest tier shoulders from Amirdrassil, instead of the intended particle effects, it just shows very big bright rectangles, and while it looks mildly funny trailing behind your character, it is very annoying to look at for extended periods of time. Transmogging fixes the issue, but thats more of a bandaid fix.


Yeah, I call them cheese slices.
Happens on all difficult mogs apparently, was like it for the LFR version as well as the normal one, can’t confirm for heroic and mythic.

Sometimes it’s gone, then when I mount up it happens. Idk, changing particle values in the options doesn’t do a thing. For others it doesn’t look like it, only client side

Noticed the glitch with the particle effect consistently happens when a disc priest procs shadow covenant when summoning a shadowfiend/mindbender.

I rarely see it when playing holy. The only time I remember seeing it was after taking one of the auto-mount potals in the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon. Otherwise I think it’s relativly a rare occurance.

Also, not 100% sure but, it looks like the unlockable extra particle effect for the tier set that is somehow is bleeding through. It’s like they tried to hide it on the default models.

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