Amirdrassil Tuning Incoming - 17 January

With scheduled weekly maintenance on 17 January, we will make the following adjustments:

Tindral Sageswift

  • Removed a cast of Fire Beam in phase 1 on Mythic difficulty.
  • Flaming Germination’s damage reduced by 25% on Mythic difficulty.
  • The number of Flare Bombs reduced to 3 (was 4) and Empowering Flame’s damage increased by 35% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Germinating Aura now prevents players from destroying a seed, but no longer spawns a Flaming Tree on Mythic difficulty.
  • The number of seeds spawned is now reduced by 4 on Mythic difficulty.

at least you guys listen to feedbacks, even if it’s not from us.

Any chance of addressing the scaling of some heroic fights at 30 players? Smoldy is absurd…

I wonder how many will read the “applied to Mythic difficulty” before their post about why are they nerfing this encounter.

Heroic doesn’t need to be nerfed. Players just need to work together correctly to overcome the mechanics, which are increased because of such a large number of players there (which isn’t needed, but I understand the reason why).

Not being funny but have you actually done Smolderon heroic with 30 players? With less players?

It’s just a different experience with 30 vs with 10-15. My regular big raid groups now split into 2 for that guy and reassemble afterwards because he roadblocked us for weeks as a big group then went down in 1-2 pulls when we split.

This is a ridiculous cheese strat and it shouldn’t be worth the effort - but it very much is, and that’s indicative of a problem that should be looked at.

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Could Blizzard please clarify what’s meant in the following row:

  • Removed a cast of Fire Beam in phase 1 on Mythic difficulty.

Some people understood it as Fire Beam will be completely absent on p1. I personally took it as 1 specific cast has been removed.

It’d be great to get some certainty here. Thank you!

Yes (my main character here), I’ve done Smolderon on heroic with both a guild group under 20 and with pugs of like 20/25 or something.

Again when you’re doing a raid on heroic with 30 people, it’s normally to get more drops from each kill, there is no other reason.

But at the end of the day heroic is fine and it’s only the players that make things easier or more difficult for themselves, based upon what they’re doing.

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