An addon question,


When you do a 5 man dungeon there is a list to the right on your screen where you see which bosses is in the dungeon. Is there something similar when you do raids? For example if the raid has 8 bosses it will show bosses to the right.


Not sure what you mean by add-on, but in LFR the bosses show on the tracker (on the right) the same as dungeons bosses do, in other raid modes they don’t.

In remix, raid bosses don’t show on the tracker even in LFR.

Hi, I am in an old raid now solo and it doesnt show anything on the right. Just asking if there is an addon that does that.

Ah, sorry, misunderstood the question. I don’t know of any addon that does that but perhaps someone else will :wink:

No problem at all. Thanks for replying :slight_smile: