An issue with shadow priest dot spreading in DF

With the new talent tree it seems the prefered way to spread our dots going forward will be a combo of misery and shadow crash. While applying all our dots in a single gcd is great, it comes with certain problems related to Shadow Crash (or SC for short).

-It only applies to 4 targets, so it’s going to be a bit clunky in large pulls in m+. Though with misery talents it should still be manageable up to around 7 targets by applying the dots manually after using SC.

-SC’s cooldown is too long, the dots will fall off and leave us with almost ten seconds to wait for SC.

simple solution they aren’t bothered to fix shadow they never were.

Its more importance to fix hunters and warlocks which have 2 working dps speccs than to put focus on an off specc priest.

welcome to gimped DF with less priest in it. Halo with cast time wings with cast time imagen if paladin had cast time on their stead wings and crusader strike.

Blizzard should revert the mind sear nerf in to insanity and make it regen insanity and add back cascade as an aoe spender

This actually doesn’t happen because of Mental Decay mind sear extending the duration of all dots.

Shadow’s AoE in beta actually feels pretty good, tuning pending, up to around 5-7 targets. The problem is dark void capped at 8 means it doesn’t really have a purpose next to misery + crash. I don’t think shadow needs a way to apply uncapped numbers of vampiric touches, but we should be able to apply uncapped pains.

I forgot about mental decay, fair enough.

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