An Update on Bind-on-Equip items from Vault of the Incarnates

Hey folks, wanted to update you all on Raid Rewards changes we talked about a while back in this post during Beta. Unfortunately, due to a technical limitation, we had to pull Bind-on-Equip items being deterministic drops from the raid, as well as scaling with group size. While we’re still very much interested in making this happen in a future raid, there were too many risks involved for it to make it into Vault of the Incarnates. With these reversions, this is how BoEs work in the raid:

  • Bind-on-Equip items can come from regular enemies and Lieutenants like before, but have a higher chance to appear from LTs/Minibosses.
  • Enemies before the first boss, Eranog (as in enemies that can be killed from the ‘Bombing Run’ event & the Miniboss present), cannot drop Bind-on-Equip items.
  • As mentioned last week, on Mythic Difficulty only, Bind-on-Equip items are Bind-on-Pickup - this is temporary, and these items will change back a few weeks into the season.

As for everything else, we’re eager for your feedback on how Group Loot, scaling item level rewards & unique item rewards feel while raiding in Dragonflight! Good luck taking down Raszageth, and we’ll talk soon.

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Shame that the post you link to just 404s now.

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Does this mean bind on pickup looted will turn into boe after that time or will they stay bop?

big pog that

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Sweet amazing

The loot changes are disappointing. Keep it personal loot and allow trading irrespective of ilvl.


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