Anniversary event question

Could somebody explain how this works? I queued for all 3, then stood around and waited for 15 minutes. I then proceed to kill 2.5 bosses, with the 3rd being ragnaros. However I randomly get teleported out to firebreach or something and then i just hang around there for a few minutes until everyone leaves the raid. What am i doing wrong? This keeps happening and it’s not like i’m dying or failing in the mechanics. It’s also happened with another instance but the rag 1 has happened like 4 times now.

You cannot have any pets on Ragnaros fight (hunter pets, Dk pets etc).

Otherwise the boss is killable also with teleport bug.

You just attack 3 bosses for each part, some are more difficult than others.

The left, right, middle one got the most people confused.

I don’t think you understand what i’m saying, or perhaps i didnt explain it clearly :smiley: I am not dying in the fights, it’s not the mechanics that are the problem. I’m physically being teleported out of the rag fight randomly, over and over :smiley: It’s an enormous waste of my time hahah. I just wondered if i’m doing something wrong, i don’t get any quest completion etc

Are you a doing the raid as a rogue? There is some kind of weird bug that teleports rogues out of the Rag fight (can’t find a link to it right now though).

I found this in US forum…

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Wonderful…well I didn’t want any gear anyway :D:D I think i’ll go back to grinding on classic and maybe one day reach 60.

Thank you for digging that out!

I did it as a rogue and I didn’t get teleported out.

It is nothing to do with being anyone, it is down to pets, have NO pets on the fight and it is fine,all must dismiss pets for the whole fight

This is an one-chance-in-your-lifetime event to get this mount within almost two months. You better get it before you regret it.

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Hmmm I did that on my Unholy DK with pet and it was just fine. There were hunters etc. too…

Well agreed, considering this - you would think they might have tested it a little more comprehensively before releasing it !

Are you playing as combat and using killing spree? That has caused issues on the ragnaros fight similar to the one you describe.

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Found the Reddit post that included some GM feedback. Ragnaros doesn’t like outlaw rogues it seems.

37 votes and 28 comments so far on Reddit

Did you do it as an outlaw rogue?

Wasn’t that the cause of the endless teleporting swirlies rather than punting random rogues to the entrance of the Firelands?

I was indeed outlaw! i’ll queue as something else :smiley:

Raid bosses in anniversary events are not full encounters of their originals. There are just portions of encounters for Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm. If you either fail or succeed in an encounter, you get teleported out with yellow animation going across the screen which represents Chromie time, teleport thingy.

What Chromie tells after she teleports you out of the encounter, is pretty much an indication if you succeeded or failed for that encounter. I think you just need to defeat last bosses for achievement.

You cannot choose a boss order to fight in any of the anniversary raid encounters. They all go in same order.

However, if you are not fighting at all, it’s high likely that you are not getting teleported to a raid dungeon at all and raid is already in combat. If I am not wrong, there is almost zero time between raid bosses in one of the 3 raids when they are out of combat. So you have to wait until they wipe on any of the bosses. Or you can just requeue because it’s going to be hard to guess when you can enter if group is not communicative.

Encounters are following:

Burning Crusade:

  1. Lady Vashj
  2. Kael’thas
  3. Archimonde

Wrath of the Lich King

  1. Heigan the Unclean
  2. Anub Arak
  3. Lich King


  1. Cho’gall
  2. Nefarian
  3. Ragnaros

For most of them, you have to bring them down to either 10% or 35% and they don’t start with 100%. Generally, it’s just a phase or something like 20-40% to overcome.

I can’t remember from top of my head for all of them but I do remember Ragnaros is 35% because it was pain for me to do it. Nefarian is pretty much killing the add on the platform.

EDIT: Tip about Ragnaros, blow bloodlust or timewarp when all adds spawn. Which is on 2nd wave of orb adds.

100% Outlaw, and a just boosted horde as well, from my shadowlands boost. Which may make a difference, I don’t know. I also Transmogged my gear, which may be another variable.

Yeah the wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing. I was there from start to finish.

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Oh… lol ? Ragnaros really hates you! I did not know there was even more bugs than the ones I knew of.

Did you use Killing Spree at all? From the comments that I’ve now had time to read it appears to have been a contributing factor.

I did it on outlaw rogue… but I did not use Killing spree. Bosses that are a bit away tend to get borked with it. Wouldn’t be surprised if that one messes it up for people. :stuck_out_tongue:

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