Announcing my permanent depature

Despite loving the game, and having spent DAYS & HOURS leveling up my alliance chars on Shazz, i have decided to quit the game today. You all know why, & many such as Punkrat and others say “suck it up untill next phase” but it will only get worse in the next phase when BGs are released, horde will gank in world while waiting in queu with their premades so that they can rank, and blizzard can’t/wont do anything about the HUGE imbalance in the horde/ally ratio, and it will never change.
I have tried multiple times to organize and participate in alliance raids to hit back at the horde, but no matter what we would do, where we go, or how many we were, we would ALLWAYS ALLWAYS ALLWAYS be outnumbered, and lose. (how fun)
Even if u try to 1v1 a horde in the world pre p2, you would ALLWAYS end up having to figth at least 2, 3 (if you were lucky) or 4+ horde. and if u were a raid grp with 40 people (in p2), you would end up fighting vs minimum 1½ to 2 full horde raids, and lose, and get corpse camped untill you logged off or used RS.

Anyway, what i want to say i guess, is that it was nice getting to know some of you people on Shazz, and i wish the few remaining alliance on Shazz GL in their future endavours.
and to the horde i would like to say GZ. GZ on humiliating and ganking the alliance so hard that many of them now don’t want to play anymore, many of my friends and guildies have already left the server or quit the game entirely, thus further cementing your complete dominance on the server, you can have it for yourselves, i no longer care anymore.


Sorry to see people leave like this. Indeed, Phase 2 pretty much killed the Classic. It’s sad to see the game in such condition.

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Would you like any cheese with that whine?


Can I have your stuff?


Can i get a teardrop please?



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