Another big alliance guild leaving

You guys should come to bloodfang! We can even the stats for flamelash and more horde is needed over here.

Bloodfang was a mistake lol. Earthshaker if anything.

Whole Flamelash Ally + Horde pop transfered to Earthshaker.

well this comment aged like milk in just 16h considering Venture moved aswell haha


Sara! Noooooo. I was going to hunt you down at 60!

While I understand the fustration of the whole world pvp situation I also dont understand that the alliance decide to leave the server, particular in this moment 1 week before BG’s come out.

Also I dont think the alliance that left understands the situation that the horde (being massively overcrowded for this P2) has been like for trying to keep up on the ladders. However, if the stats are true about earthshaker, they will learn quick… Very quick.
Leaving the first oppotunity you get is the worst idea to do at any given point, even if its bad, reason for so is that in the future they will do faction specific free transfers which will help moving people around, it takes time but it kinda works and also BG’s are gonna help a lot in the upcoming week.

It is sad to see that many alliance go since this will only further increase the time before we will see any sort of balance, hopefully they will kick in some alliance realm transfers fast.

Im sorry chewy, it was fun for the time we met, i wont forget you. My guild called i cant dismiss the people that propped me up and helped me reach to the level i am now. Where did you decide to place your new home?

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