Another big alliance guild leaving

Knights of Depression announced that they are holding a strawpoll whether they should transfer or not due mass ganking and campings making the game unplayable and a better A/H ratio on earthshaker, results for now are a 70% (YES) 30% (NO).

Looks like another life boat is leaving our sinking ship.

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People are really bad snowflakes nowadays, in 2005 we just got on with and fought back.

Far to quick to cry…


This thread is a perfect example of a pvp server forum.
An alliance announce their entire guild is moving of the server.
and a horde player saying its not a issue and calling the Alliance a crybaby


Am just saying we use to just get on with it that’s all.

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Though in vanilla you didn’t have to deal with what players in classic do. Wpvp was a f’ing carebear fest on pvp servers back then in comparison.

When the honor system come out it was chaos!

Until BGs come out it was anyway.

Making the decision before BGs are out seems a bit premature. There are still over 1500 active alliance players on the servers according to the stats, which is what you had on a full WoW server back in the day.

And how many horde?

oh no , a 2 hours 19 minutes guild leaves, NOOOOOOOO

Ratio is 3 horde for every 1 alliance according to the CensusPlusClassic addon.

I think the important thing is that the allies on this server can conduct their everyday business (AH, dungeons, etc) even as a minority. As long as that is a possibility the server will not really be “dead” on the alliance side and migration later on might balance Flamelash out eventually.

But what is the incentive to play on a server where you’re outnumbered 3 to 1 or worse when you just as well could play on a server with an even ratio? Why would anyone transfer to a server like that or roll a new character there?
There are a few servers that are demographically doomed, and flamelash is one of them.


Probably because there is no such server. Bloodfang and earthshaker seem to be around 75% alliance so you are just going to even worse balanced server.

Oh no all the free honor is transfering off :frowning:

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75% ally on Earthshaker ? OMEGALUL

Well the sources are not exactly confirmed information, but earthshaker level 60 characters in last 7 days have been 75% alliance.

Lol you were the guy that was only capable of camping SG FP despite being Honorless target, enjoy being on dead server

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Venture gone to Earthshaker ?

No one cares.

I’m barely in SG TP but whatever makes you feel better :smiley:

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