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I have recently been in contact with a GM concerning a request I made for a character migration from Flamelash. It was suggested by a GM that I opened a topic on the forums.

As you all know the faction balance on this server is all but beyond redemption. I started out with Classic on this server. But by the time the mass exodus took place, I was currently not active. When I came back a few months after I was surprised by the completly empty halls of Ironforge.

I came to realise there had been a free migration of somekind but sadly I missed that boat. Since then I started over a new server hoping another free migration might be announced in the future. But to this day I have yet to see one.

It is sad to see my first lvl 60 character waisting away due to this reason. That is why I wanted to suggest to give remaining Alliance players another chance on a better life.

Furthermore, I think it can be said that the current price of a paid transfer is quite steep, at least when you consider that the reason behind it. For now it looks like the only way out if one wants to keep his game progress and enjoy it somewhere else. If no free migrations can be offered at least consider to make the paid transfer somewhat more afforable.

I hope this does reach a Blizzard employee and I do hope there may be a solution to this problem when all is said and done.

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most of the people that are left here, are here for their own purposes (wanting a smaller community, dont want to play in a overcrowded server etc) only minority here is left because they missed it by 8 months, i think the best option for you is to pay this rich company even more money to transfer off if you dont like it here.

To be fair…blizzard murdered the server by allowing people to transfer without a cap.
The least they can do it merge the ultra low pop realms.

they wont do that, because it would ruin peoples progress on aq gates opening, imagine opening the gates just to get merged with slackers who didnt help at all. server identity is a big thing in classic.

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We do not wish to merge with other servers or be forced to transfer off. This server is our home and we’re having a great time here as a small and tight community.

Those who want to leave have mostly already left. We play on this server by our own free will and one day hopefully we will clear Naxxramas on it.

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You don’t speak for everyone, many people quit the game because of this.

And even more stayed because of it.

I do not ask or force anyone to anything. I just ask for another chance for those who want to, to be able to migrate without having to pay a large sum of money because of a situation they did not choose to be in.

And I am sorry to say, but I read horde replies vouching for this server state while it was horde behaviour who induced the current state. I hear the words “small community” but that isnt the same as faction population. 1000 players is a small comunity but if 970 of those players are horde I think you can imagine that the other 30 players experience the “small” community different".

Again, if you DO like this current state, just stay. But the one’s who wish to leeave should be able to.

Having another free transfer would cause another panic just like the last exodus, killing of the server. People will always choose the path of the least resistance. We went from one of the largest servers to one of the smallest in a single night for no reason at all. If Blizzard were to open them again it would show that they have learned nothing from it.

As for the Horde causing the mass exodus you are dead wrong. There were zerg pvp raids on both sides attacking innocent bystanders in the world. It were the former Alliance guilds that decided to mass transfer and to massively advertise and coordinate this. They are the ones who are responsible for the low population on Flamelash. Jokes on them because the Horde that was responsible for beating them in pvp followed to keep ganking them. They only had to endure 2 weeks of getting beaten before battlegrounds released just like almost every other server.

I’m sorry but the needs of the server has to go over the needs of the individual. Your options are either to pay for a transfer or to start raiding with the Leftovers guild. And Darkank, I may not speak for everyone but I am very confident I speak for most of the active players on Flamelash.

Ofcourse there would be Alliance pay back equal to the trespassings of the horde. But the server imbalance was too great even back then to be succesfull. Ofcourse they organize and coordinate another solution then. You really suggest they just had to “endure”? When there’s 3 horde’s for every Alliance player then you can try as much as you like.

And don’t tell it’s not the horde behavior. The next server I joined was just the same with horde raids straight on camping late-game dungeon entrances, again the horde population having the upperhand. Luckely the the odds were more even on this one and the lower lvl’s had more help. But still, having to die 6 times before being able to run 1 BRD… Don’t even try to justify that cause the low lvl’s who are the victims of this behaviour can not help any of it.

I don’t think my only options are staying or paying. Another option is getting a transfer to another realm. What the server needed was a faction lock that sealed whenever the imbalance became to great and it shouldve been there from the start. The needs of the server is nothing more then the need of the hordies who are now stuck on a pvp realm with barely any opposition.

Come to think… maybe they should just give a free migration to horde players and put this server down for good.

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