Another Queue topic, BLIZZARD answer !


Before I start, you are a hater and enjoy playing a queue simulator, don`t bother writing.

Most of the player base of the new WoW Classic have jobs, family, responsibilities, so coming home from work, having the family time and so on, would like to sit down and play wow, but the queue times are LONGER than the time a normal human being has to play. Right now my queue spent time is 3 hours, and i still have 2 + hours to wait. By the time i get into the game, i should be in bed, resting for another day of work.

I went to the support page, they said they can`t do anything, i need to go to the forums, i came, i checked, nobody got an answer, but i had to do a topic, so i can go back to support and tell them i did this, now what.

Im pretty sure that Blizzards " contract " betwen them and the customers that pay, is PAY TO PLAY, so by not playing, Blizzard is breaching their part of the " deal " , " contract " however you want to call it, because the second you pay, you do make a " deal " , " contract " with Blizzard. A " contract " that you MUST respect, otherwise, BAM, banned. So, BLIZZARD , where is your part of the " contract ".

Hope to get a real answer, not a " we canno`t do anything, we were not prepared " … years of launching games still had you unprepared ?

Thank you for listening


Totally agree, would LIKE your post, but Blizzard have limited us to a daily cap on likes as well… many of the gaming websites are all talking about this launch disaster, and posting what many people are feeling right now about working all day, coming home and being unable to play.

Many on the forums keep saying this is Classic… but classic launched at a time, when pc’s were as powerful as my watch calculator… and internet speeds were like sending mail via carrier pigeon. This is the modern tech era, and Blizz/Acti, should and could have handled this way better… they stated it would not be like this, and here we are with it bogged down. They also claimed they have extra servers… but feel that Classic will die down… all I can say is, thank god this is just a game, as they could not organise anything important in life.

Its no wonder Moral at their HQ hit an all time low.


the thing that bothers ppl the most is that blizzard 100% ignore the complaints and shows we are not even worth a reply. at least 15 years ago we got an answer when things got wrong. nowdays they just ignore every complain. I guess the diversity squad is doin work there thats what u get when u hire ppl based on their political views rather than their skill and dedication to the customer. welcome to 2019 where the customer is nothing but the pay cow and has no rights whatsoever.
charging for gametime u cant provide classic “stealing money” i would say


So true, but they are losing money from what i see, a lot of people are unsubbing, so lets see what happens


There you go :slight_smile:

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