Another returning player having macro issues - Solved

Hey everyone!
The 18 character macro limit is killing me…
(Well it’s perfectly okay for anything other than a healing class in my case anyway)

There might be one simple solution that exists if someone wiser and more knowledgeable than I can point it out, it’d be awesome.
Potential solution, re-use the same macro for different keybinds.

So… I use essentially two macros, an offensive macro and a support macro. Just using the same macro multiple times

/cast [@mouseover, help] [button:2, @focus] [ ] Flash Heal

And again for Holy Word: Serenity, Heal, Renew, Purify, Prayer… etc.
And then

/cast [@mouseover, harm] [button:2, @focustarget] [ ] Holy Fire

Once again, repeated for Smite, SW:pain etc…

Now it’d be fine if I didn’t want to switch classes, but I’m needing a lot of macros for each spec and that’s where the difficulty is.

/cast [btn:2,@focus,harm,nodead] Holy Fire; [btn:2,@focus,help,nodead] [@mouseover,help,nodead] Flash Heal; [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [harm] Holy Fire; Flash Heal

This is setup to just use focus and not focustarget because the help/harm logic would conflict using 2 different @unitids

Thanks for the reply. I used to have my spells like that but I kept forgetting which spells were combined on each action bar button.

If you just want to differentiate abilities you can do so using the known:spellid or spec:# conditions.

I see, I see, I see.
So macro the action bar button to account for different specs…
I try it out tonight, thanks for the insight.

Update >>>
It works!! Not sure if I’ll be able to squash it down enough for four druid specs but hey there’s addons at that point.

Thanks for the help Elvenbane

/cast [spec:1,@mouseover,help][spec:1,button:2,@focus][spec:1]Penance;[spec:2,@mouseover,help][spec:2,button:2,@focus][spec:2]Holy Word: Serenity;[@mouseover,harm][button:2,@focustarget][]Devouring Plague;

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