Any Alonsus players still here from the TBC days?

Both Alliance and Horde, I’m wondering if there’s anyone from Vanilla/TBC still on the server or playing WoW?

I played a BE hunter on Horde called ‘Roflchopter’ in a guild called Ez, a Boomkin/Resto NE Druid on Alliance called ‘ObsidianShard’ (I think) and a NE rogue called Roflchopterz. Sadly Blizzard aren’t doing much to help me recover said account, as I used an alias surname on it.

I mostly played with people in ‘Eight Inches Unbuffed’ (later renamed), Ascendance and some other guild.

My favourite memory is our premade BG days - before RBG was a thing, we used an addon to create premade WSG/AB/EOTS groups and absolutely dominated. As a result of this, other servers in the battle group started the same. We had the tactics down to a tee and would probably do insanely well in RBG with todays tactics

The only people I’ve kept in touch with other the years are Crosyn, Tactar and maybe one or two others. If there’s anybody else then please add me to Bnet

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Hello. I have to ask, would you happen to have any screenshots from your time playing during TBC? You’ve probably seen my threads on here before. I’m looking for help trying to find screenshots and/or video footage of my first character. This means everything to me.

Quest for Screenshots - Alonsus / Anachronos / Kul Tiras - World of Warcraft Forums (

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