Any chance Pyramond and Theleste were tortured as naga by Azshara?

Just wondering - you uncover the story of Pyramond and Theleste in Night Elf archeology, two lovers who were forbidden to be together like Romeo and Juliet/Pyramus and Thisbe. There’s the suggestion that one or both of them took their life because of this.

But then Azshara, in her Eternal Palace encounter, brings out two Naga lovers who suffer because they can’t be together but can’t be apart. One is a handmaiden and one is a disgraced captain. It’s also noted that one of the reasons they suffer is because they were turned into naga, and can’t bear to look at one another.

They have different names - Aethanel and Cyranus - but any chance this could actually be Pyramond and Theleste? Maybe they didn’t get the chance to Romeo and Juliet themselves before the Sundering.

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Considering that was added in cata. I doubt it. It might be just a coincidence. Also Azshara has no reason to torment them. She was the one who ordered the naga to leave the ghosts of the Kaldorei in the ruins alone in peace. But that’s a nice idea u got there nonetheless.

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