Any Dedicated M+ Groups or Guilds [H]

Greetings, RopeDrink here (again).

I’m sitting here on my 400il tanks and healers, drowning in the abundant tears of so many random M+ PuGs who wouldn’t know an affix if it punched their mother and child, which has made me consider the fact that playing solo/guildless really isn’t the best option for someone looking to push above their station.

So, any large Horde guilds out there in need of a Resto Shaman (with two Protection alts), preferably for M+? I have no problem with occasional raids, but that hasn’t been of much interest to me ever since the end of WotLK - I don’t mind them, but I don’t dedicate myself to them like I used to.

Just putting a feeler out seeing as a lot of the guilds in the Guild Finder don’t seem to notice or respond to the in-game applications, and I’m not one for making accounts on external websites to do it. I’m too old and too stubborn for that :slight_smile:

Advanced appreciation for any responses.

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