Any easy going raid communities around still ?

Hey there - seems this place died - but i try my luck:

Are there still some communities out there that raid on a laid back basis (maybe twice a week) that still look for new members? Due to many real life and other issues my guild seems to cease raiding and to be honest that would keep me from playing, becuase i really enjoy raiding quite a bit.

So if you know of any open spots- i would be happy to hear from you.

A monk

this is me. had wrong char selected

Check out Remnants of Valhalla we are raiding wednesday/sunday! 4/9 heroic so far.

I am also looking to get into the raiding scene again from the same guild.

Hi Capan,

I do not know what you play mainly, but i wrote to Kabolt, we could use a monk aswell, able to either Mainheal and Offtank or Mainheal/DPS or vice versa.

Podolskí#2548, if you want a chat :slight_smile:

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