Any former Deathsworn around? Playing Classic? Remember me?


I’ve seen a few posts on the Classic forums about Horde PvP realm guilds and the odd Alliance PvP one, but I’ve not seen any PvE realm Alliance guilds planned.

Are there any groups from Darkspear planning to form a guild on the Alliance side of a PvE realm? Is there anyone still around from the days of Deathsworn?

I am eager to make new connections and, whilst unlikely, possibly reconnect with people who I might have lost touch with accidentally over the fourteen or so years almost since I started my journey.

Whilst only 33, I have the memory of an 116 year old so please forgive any inaccurately recalled information.

I started my WoW journey in 2004 about a month after launch I believe it was, and I originally played on Nordrassil as Cernunnos, a Night Elf Hunter Herb/Alch. After a few weeks I found out that there was a sort of hidden community at work that loved WoW and I rerolled an identical character using the same name on Al’Akir to be with them.

I remember playing in a raiding guild with ‘Dizzybint’ and her husband for a long time. She had many alts using the ‘Dizzy’ theme and we spent a fair amount of time together as a guild.

When the guild sort of died after a while I started again on a new server. I didn’t like PvP and had only picked Al’Akir to be with my work friends, and so I rerolled on Darkspear. My main was a female Night Elf Hunter called Amarynthia. I had a few alts, namely a female Night Elf Priest (Shadow) called Philyra, a Human Rogue called Kimil and a female Dwarf Paladin called Rhamnusia. I had a good friend on Darkspear, a male Dwarf Hunter called Astorr. He vanished one day, never came back and to this day I don’t know if he’s even ok. I also have fond memories of entering Outland for the first time and exploring with Ardraaken and Glanmorial (Glenmorial?!) in Deathsworn and raiding TBC with them.

I spent the bulk of my time on Dramaspear and did a lot of hardcore raiding with Amarynthia and some alts when needed. At one point I was in Ez (which if memory serves was quite a big name back then) with Bishimon, a space goat Shaman, as leader and was always top 3 DPS with Amarynthia.

For reasons I no longer remember, I ended up moving all of my high level characters to Saurfang with two friends I had met in the early days of Vanilla. I didn’t spend long there and don’t remember it at all.

After a lot of people quit, I decided to reroll AGAIN, this time on Runetotem, when Cataclysm came out. I decided that since it was a ‘new’ or redesigned world, I’d experience it afresh from level 1. I rerolled as a female Human Paladin called Airmid who has been my main ever since Catacylsm. I transferred all of my high level characters who kept their names, apart from Kimil who became Erebes.

After many years of struggling with her identity, Airmid took the difficult decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery earlier this year, becoming Mandanu.

So, are there any PvE Alliance guilds planned for Classic, particularly from Darkspear and any of the Deathsworn crew? I think I want to rediscover every square millimetre of Azeroth at my own pace socially before getting into raiding again.

Anyone from the old days who might remember me?


I remember you :slight_smile:. I played holy paladin for Deathsworn from Karazhan until the beginning of Cata. I was called ‘Finalflasher’ back then.

Glanmorial, Scrumptious (Bev), Ravenswood, Giodragon and Beldrew at least are still playing on the server in a guild called Jane Doe. Those are the only ones i can think of from TBC/Wrath that are still on server.

Yeah, i’m sort of playing a bit these days. If you can call not getting past 111 playing.

I remember you :slight_smile:

Good to see you guys are still around. This is my main, at least after Ama.

Any of you playing Classic when it lands :-D? I might try and contact Glanmorial in game and see if he’s still about.

I found a video on YouTube uploaded by Ardraaken but he doesn’t seem to use the account anymore :(.

I kinda accidentally dinged 111 and then stopped X-D.


Yes, I remember you! I was one of the Holy Paladins, Anastacia, back then. I’m now maining this character (because trying to raid Mythic on a dead, alliance heavy server was too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I took a break in Cata and then the whole of MoP and half of WoD, so also lost touch with most people.

I thought I’d give classic a go, for old-times’ sake. I’d rather do TBC again, though…


As getting on a bit my memory is not what it was but I think I recall the OP.

It goes without saying I recall ‘FF’ as I knew him then … as, along with the druid Adrina, we were the backbone of the healing outfit for Deathsworn and, if I do say so, we were not too shabby on our day.

All the other names are coming back too: Bel, Scrump, Ard, Glan, Raven, Gio, Talan (the drunken SA hunter), MM (crazy Shadow Priest), Irel the indestructible tank, Swifty the rogue (not the good one, they just had the same name), Evil (the Holy Priest, go figure) … I could go on but I’ll not.

Anyway, not sure why I got the urge to google Deathsworn but ty, you made an old man smile on the train in the rain. We were not too bad in ‘it only a game’ kind of way. Now, if only I could remember my original account details …

Take care,

Quathiana (the sarcastic Holy Priest)

edit: Typos

Glad to hear from some of the old DS crew, i have some grand old memories of my 1st proper raiding guild.

Healing Moroes with no keybinds, tanking Karathress with no shield, KT grind, Illidan dying, Firefighter, Yogg and Algalon

Good times, good times.

We should totally make a Deathsworn tag for Classic, even if just casual/social. Let me know if you’re in!

I’ve contacted Glan in game and he replied. I’ll message him again once a launch date is announced. We can totally set up a Classic Deathsworn tag and play together, those who want to :D. Wish Ard was about to see this.

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