Any guilds intrested in recruiting me?

Hey, I’ve been away from wow for a long time. Actually on and off the past 10 years not belonging to a active guild since wrath/cata, till I recently realized the guild, or rather its people was what kept me interested in playing. We (the guild) split up due a guild merge to a different server mid cata, and I was busy with studies and life afk. So I decided not to merge along.

I want back at raiding, the experience when we did 3-4 evenings of raids each week. You know the good ol’ 10 man normal and then progressed into 10 man hc later. Alt runs on Sundays etc. This was during Wrath and cata, though I started playing wow on a low pop server back in Vanilla or tbc. But I did not raid then.

Currently all my toons are on one server (alliance, Bronzebeard EU) and before you ask, yes I do mind making my own guild here, doing all the management it requires, especially alone simply isn’t my way of enjoying the game.

TL;DR: I’m a 30 year old Norwegian champ who enjoy playing most roles and classes in wow. Returning player who wants to get back into raiding 3-4 evenings a week. This is simply due nostalgia and I can’t find enjoyment in most other games.

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