Any multiboxers?

I just got TBC beta… bit late though :frowning:

Just me heal & tanking on 2 screens

… Just need to figure out if it counts as griefing ( i dont plan to do this on high keys, just for the low ones )

You dont need two screens. You can put two copies of wow on one monitor and use the mouseover function under windows control panel, ease of access, mouse settings.

I wouldn’t do it in current dungeon content with real players - unless it’s old content and your guild don’t mind you tagging along.

I do old content and levelling/rep grinds mostly.

Thats cheating in my eyes + its more fun with 2 screens xd

true, its with friends and guildies or the most

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did they change TOS again ?

Yes. No software or hardware boxing.

Whats hardware boxing?

Kvm switches linking up keyboards/pcs to broadcast one action on all windows at the same time, as software did.

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Multi-Boxing in World of Warcraft Update - All Forms of Command Mirroring Now Against EULA - Wowhead News

Yep they link the blue post I just did.

Multiboxing is still allowed. This is why I cast then swap to alt and so on. I do not broadcast anything.

It’s actually more rewarding and I am way more engaged… so thx Blizzard!

i have had missed that one if u did not point it out …
have to put 4 alts on just autofollow on a moonboy just spam sunfire and starfall :rofl:

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I highly recommend that you use the Clique addon. You can then heal really easily that way…
or for even more ease use the more old school addon Healium.

On the healer im gonna have vudhu bar at 250% size so i can see in the left corner of my eye easier whats going on

I will bassicly play blind mode

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If I did a duo with a healer on follow I would use clique and make the raid frames big.

You need to be able to answer any gm whispers you may get.

i use healbot addon still on my druid :rofl:

Appreciate the tips :smiley:

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2 is great especially if you have a 2 seater mount. Same for 3.

Gonna stick to 2

Its mostly to help a friend get the recruit a friend mount, buuut gotta do something for those 12 months i have it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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i did sendmyself raf request now all alts can do summon friend :rofl:
now i can summon my alts to my own location :rofl:

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I’m still on raf it’s nice

I always forget that summon feature though :woman_facepalming: