Any social guilds recruiting?

I am moving to alliance from horde and im looking for a friendly non elite place to call home here. For 3 days now i have alr used the guild finder tool and im starting to regret the descision to move here :s I have w many ppl now in various guilds that looks right for what im after, yet they all seem to be either dead, randomly invites ppl without asking first(big nono), or opposite where its a guild with 20 ppl online and no one ever talks >< And almost all ive checked out seem to have a very misleading or wrong sales pitch in their description… I dont mind if u raid also as long as u 100% also make ur socials feel like a member of ur guild and dont run groups for m+ etc in ur well known clique of raiders only. This have been a problem on my horde server in any guilds ive been in, and also with too many toxic elites. I was hoping to move to something better on Ravencrest and on alliance instead.
I am not interested in raiding any longer, but i love m+ and want to do them on many alts too, but not in an elite way. I am not a noob, but im also not a pro anymore, if ever i was! I love achievements and seing green chat, and im casual and doing my own thing much of the time hunting achieves or questing etc when im not working on m+.
It must have some active players during >DAYTIME< also, as i am mostly active early on, and not always up for group activity/lots of chat in the evenings.

w me here or in game @spooks#2621 if u know of such a hidden gem in this sea of rubbish! :slight_smile:

  • yes i know about comunities and im alr in a nice one,tho i wouldnt mind a few more still. But a community is not the same as a guild, i will always prioritise guilds.

We can take on more social members and have many people doing Mythic+ daily. An Active guild with players playing through the day and evenings.

Hell Hath No Fury-Ravencrest

Feel free to look us up or send me a wisper in game if you want to discuss further.

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