Anyone else missing Season 1 RBG?

Anyone know the reason why nobody plays bg in season two? Season 1 pvp was great there were lots of groups on bg rated which was very popular. What happened now that no one plays ratd bg at all when it was so much loved in season 1?

For days german realms are having around 15k online players throughout the day.
Russian realms are much less.
I forgot the eu daily online numbers.

But my guess is subscriptions are too low to get invitation to bgs.

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As mentioned the overall activity is most likely down quite a bit. Another reason is that in s1 you could get bis gear for pve from 2.4 rating, which meant a lot of raiders and m+ players did rbgs. This season they revamped the pvp gear system a bit, so pve’ers no longer benefit from doing pvp.

People playing, but its mostly statics. But they are goign to push 2.1K+ atm and don’t take anyone off-meta and less than HOTH/HOTA. Pugs mostly grind conquest ponts on low MMR. I spend yesterday 2 hrs at midday and 3 hrs at evening and didn’t find any grp or spot. Mostly it was low MMR conquest grind or 2.2K+ rating push - thats need 1-2 players. Was something like 1-2 grps on ~MMR but they have no spot for DK.

P.S. Also there is easier and faster to take 1.8 (see ok-ish gear and eslite set) in 2S arens, so people not so interested in RBG. In S1 was another story - it was easier to take 1.8 in RBG.

As Triip said, the RBG benefited greatly of the PVE player gearing motivation. It populated the lower brackets and allowed for more fair matchmaking. This come with more people involving into the PVP Matchmaking.

Maybe if Blizzard could implement some more/better rewards than a recolor of the raid set, PVE player could be motivated again to try to get it and almost everybody wins on a more healthy RBG environment. Boosting exeist in this bracket but is far less frequent that in Arena.

I think they won’t do something real relevant for RBG. Problem in RBG is that u need to do a lot to start playing, also it moslt great time sink of preparation. RBG need 6 x 6 format, better also solo q option.

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People did rbgs cause it was free elite/duelist status basically since you didnt lose MMR from what I understand till high challenger, late rival and pvp gear easily out valued PVE season 1 just cause of the item level, now on the other hand the gear isn’t as beneficial due to ilvl difference and even elite ilvl now is still trash compared to M+15 loot by a 3 ilvls.

versa scales bad too and participation is going to die down as i recall in S1 there was alot of boosting being done in rbgs be it for gear or something else

cant say I miss rbgs given it gives alot of players the gear they dont deserve, usually.

everyone is playing forza 5 i guess.

i mean…at least 10 million players.

I agree with you on the 6v6. It would be really nice. Pitty they never included this change to normal BG at least. It’s a ton of for when the Brawl 6v6 is up. I suppose they dont do it to avoid having too many premade group in it. In RBG tho, it would require to change the layout of some BG’s to reflect this change, eye of the storm fas example has too many bases to be engaging for 6 players and have flexibility in strats.

Boosting occurs evenly in PVE and PVP. Season 1 just did put a big spotlight on it since there was many World first raiders that used those services as a gearing strategy to get an advantage since it was the more deterministic way to get gear. Most of those pieces weren’t ultimately BIS, but for progress, it was a way to bypass ilevel farm, and ultimately to allow exchange through personal loot.

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What happened? Two things.

  • Boosting: It’s not fun to run into so many groups that are clearly much higher skilled and organized players, but are in lower rating because of the boostees.

  • Content drought: People just get bored of the game in general when there is nothing new to do any Shadowlands isn’t a fun place to hang around in anyway.

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S1 in PVP we got showered with easy gear rewards. Now m+ and to some extent raiding gearing processes got better than what they were so pvp was bound to suffer. People simply cant devote the same time to all of these modes.

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