Anyone else noticed the use of toys to get an unfair advantage in arenas?

More specifically druids using that flute toy that puts a fake cast-bar masking their actual casts.

Felt really good putting a dirtback boomer in the ground abusing this. Thank god i’d seen it before, so i was able to insta-bolt convoke anyways.

Didn’t notice that. I thought you couldn’t use toys in arenas :smiley:

Y they use it to bait interrupt and convoke after.

You can use few toys like the banner, gin-ji knife set or the one that makes you vomit.

I’d not call it unfair advantage, more like a noob filter.

The best bit about the gin ji knife, is they have their arena flag in their back, and it looks like they got turned into one of those steaks in a restaurant where they put the little flag in to show you how rare it is

Use soul inhaler first to shrink them to steak size

Haha yes, I like to use it but I feel like the guy must be so tilted =D

i’ve only seen one boomkin try to bait kicks with toys that i can recall, but didn’t work. pretty cute i guess. not sure how many times out of a 100 i’d fall for it.

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