Anyone knows why Druids aren't allowed fist weapons anymore? (bug report)

As a guardian/feral druid doing PvP I’ve been basically forced to equip a 2H pole-arm or a staff, because all the 1h weapons and off-hands that I am able to equip are caster weapons that only give intellect. That includes the gladiator daggers and maces that are available to druids for conquest…

All the other classes that are able to equip fist weapons: rogue, shaman, monk, dh, are able to buy verdant gladiator’s claws for 900 conquest. But they are not available for purchase by druids, anyone knows why?

It feels bad because I like my fist weapons but I can’t transmog them anymore (except the legion artifact ones), because I can’t buy 1h and off-hands that give agility.


Lol, What a rip-off,

Once I change my (druid) class to (all) at the vendor Calderax, they will appear and I can purchase and use them.

I guess this is unintentional and some dev forgot to include Druids being able to purchase fist weapons. So they don’t show up for them under the standard (druid) tab.

Because bears don’t dual-wield weapons, you can unlock the skins but not use them . Legion artifact wasn’t a true set of Fist Weapons, it was “one weapon”. Same for the feral set of daggers. Druid is not able to dual-wield FW/Daggers. It’s no bug.

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