Anyone left from The Sha’tar?

Is anyone still here and refusing to disperse into the winds of time?
I’ve not seen anyone from our server in a LFG dungeon in a few months now and have only seen a few players running around in Stormwind.

I miss you guys, our server used to be so active up to around mists of pandaria. :frowning:


I think I only started playing on The Sha’glade Cartel around Legion :slightly_smiling_face:

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I migrated from AD to the Sha’tar (or Sha’glade Cartel, as it was already connected by then) at the end WoD, so I’m afraid I can’t help much as initial realm identity is not something that comes up often these days. :frowning:

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Been playing on this server since it was the original mother realm of RP in BC/Wrath. Unfortunately, I went on a hiatus to indulge in social teenaged years and by time I came back during Mists, it was populated, but not what it once was.

Sadly, it’s only gotten quieter and quieter since, notably since WoD. As Linaria stated with the merge, we had an extra ‘bout’ of activity persay, but it only trickled out once more.

There is life but not much of it, either guild orientated (in and out of RP), or just an influx of lurking OOCers.

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I came back here after a 4 year break on AD. Left at about the beginning of Legion (Regret that move so much)! We’re still here, but we’re few and far between :heart:


I have started on The Sha’tar in the mid of WotLK It was great server back then Very much alive and I was a member of an active raiding guild. I miss those days alot and the ppl I played with. Sadly they are not playing the game any more or moved to other realms. I have quit playing when WoD began later I came back for a bit of Legion. Now I decided to return with Shadowlands. So far I enjoy questing expirience on my own. However it’s a bit sad without a guild. I consider moving to AD but haven’t made the move yet. I wonder if there are still any active guilds on The Sha’tar?

It depends what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for RP guilds, there are plenty! You can find the active Rp guild list on the first page of the forums.
As for other types of guilds, I can’t really help you. This is an RP server, so RP guilds are prominentin most people’s minds.

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