Anyone leveled to 50+ as destruction?

Im lvl 30 warlock now leveling as destruction. Its a bit slower but i dont think its nearly as bad as guides say. Since you want to be a bit overleveled to stay safe, I can dispose of enemies quickly and efficiently enough (ofc not as good as the other two specs but…).

Has anyone completed a 50+ or even 60 going as destruction all the way? Does it become smoother with conflag / soul fire? And should you be using a buffed imp (2/2 castspeed, 3/3 efficiency) or Succubus with lash of pain reduction?

thank you for replies!

dont do it. dont kill people as destruction. your trolling if roll destruction and desides gonna do dungeons. basically a tank. no ones ever gonna be able to tank for you. cause of ruin get one crit your dead in classic era didnt matter. cause you crited shadowbolt with ruined killed yourself wiped the group or the ride cause but hardcore if crit shadow kill yourself

there is no coming back. its not worth it. whole hardcore. to survive. insane amounts of damage will get you killed. dont know why you wast all that time leveling up just unconditionally mess up . kill yourself

best spec in my opinion go both ways is demonolgy why cause reduce amount amount of threat you do while the imp is out. if really want just do destruction probably gonna be like this - staying away from criticals

I mean play what you want to play, if you’re having fun go for it.

Demo’s just better since u can sac void walker twice and can use hs during sac. Demo can only die to group content, dcs or bugs.

also you forgot to mention thats constantly oom using life tap in destruction when your doing content. like every 2 pullls actually kinda slow as destruction either on constantly low hp or low mp