AOE-output differences between classes

I’m concerned about the current state of World of Warcraft. It seems Blizzard isn’t capable of finding a good balance between classes and even the specs within the class itself in this expansion.

Rogues, Warriors, Evokers, Demon Hunters, Monks and Warlocks are able with a few clicks to break the 200k AOE boundaries while all other classes struggle to barely hit the 100k as output on a pack consistently.

Mythic+ is just based on burst damage. How quicker the mobs get killed, the less interupts needed, the easier it gets in general.

For some classes it is so much easier to reach a higher rating.

Like tanks will always have an advantage to have the high score untill everyone else, also there are way more classes that can reach 200k burst AoE.

Just look the rankings. It’s being dominated by warriors, Demon Hunters, rogues, monks and evokers. And as healers mainly priests and druids.

Also pvp is dominated by these classes. See those rankings as well.

I can feel the difference between my Frost Mage and my Dev Evoker, it’s like night and day.

My DEvoker unleashes huge AoE nukes via Flame Breath, Eternity Surge and Deep Breath while spamming Azure Strike and chunky Pyres inbetween.

My FrMage throws out Frozen Orbs and Blizzards on CD while spamming Ice Lance, but the only impactful damage is coming from Ice Lance (which only hits 2 targets), Blizzard and FO are just doing tickle damage.

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Its normal that classes with good AOE have bad ST and vise versa, you cant have it all, also unholy dks are kings of mass aoe, nobody mentions that… but if they spec into mass aoe their ST is bad so… to each his own.

This really doesn’t feel like it’s the case this expac. Like sure you have some “AoE powerhouse” specs like Boomie that aren’t really putting up very impressive ST, but most of the good specs in M+ right now are just that. Good. And most of the bad M+ specs right now are just bad at everything.

I have no comment on the performance of a well played frost mage because I haven’t even seen one in M+ this expansion.

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This is always a bad idea. Players who are aiming for the very highest level of content, such as HoF for raid or 0.1% for mythic plus, will always play the current meta specs.

At low level, yes, but as the key level gets higher, mobs have more health and take longer to die. Timing high keys is based on making much bigger pulls (and sometimes pulling trash into bosses) to compensate for the extra HP.

I’m doing keys in the 18 - 20 range at the moment, and overall damage seems to be pretty similar across the dps specs. I agree there are a few that are not being played, and those need buffs to make them competitive, but I’m not seeing anything that stands out as being particularly stronger than everything else.

Wait until you meet a good balance druid or sub rogue. Those two are putting everyone else to shame right now.

Overall? Really?

Or just on specific pulls, which doesn’t actually matter.

Moonkins on overall this week after the 10.0.5 buffs, absolutely. Damage was already arguably the best before that.

Sub’s moreso a mix of very good ST and exceptional mass AoE, their 3-4 target I’m not sure is that impressive but in keys where that isn’t the pull style they’re really good.

I don’t recall seeing a single balance druid in keys this season. If they were that strong, I would have thought there would be more around.

I see you’ve done some runs with a top 100 in the world balance player, which is hardly a basis for judging how the spec performs in the hands of ‘mere mortals’.

They’re all over the place above 20. Most keys I see in LFG are like… Tank heal melee melee moonkin.

As a Shadow Priest right now I feel like I’m basically a budget moonkin.

Must be a similar situation to feral, then. They need stuff to live longer to start really pumping. We’ve been mostly running with full melee groups. This patch certainly seems to be good for melee.

Yeah, the deathball strategy is certainly still very strong and it also has a sort of “Fool proof” feel to it where everyone is easy to heal because everyone is under the pack.

Balance druid damage might be a little bit more sustained, but I think the bigger advantage is that its uncapped and doesn’t require things to be particularly stacked.

High keys yes, in low keys the burst profile is laughable compared to warrior or dh. Good class balance only exist in high keys…

This is just wrong. Every class can do massive AoE damage, it’s a question of how much ST they have to give up for it. It’s less of an issue in raids because we set up talents for each encounter, but in M+ a spec needs a decent amount of both to be meta. You didn’t even include balance druids and spriests which are two of the most insane AoE specs right now. DK is insane, enhance is insane, MM hunters are insane. Your thread is just baseless whining.

Any evidence on this? Warcraft logs and most recent rankings on wowhead speak another language.

If adds die fast you’re useless in some cases. It’s not about high aoe dmg in general. It’s the burst profile that’s missing on some classes.

Especially in tyrannical weeks hunters, warriors or demon hunters shred through the trash before classes with more ramp time even started.

Also raid balancing never been worse tbh. Look at ww monks for example and unholy dk at the top. They can’t even do it right for raids anymore.

Clearly you have no clue about balance druid. Waning twilight is the most annoying thing when adds die fast.

AoE dmg is kinda useless on tyranncial weeks anyway. You need that single target pump.

AOE is always good in M+. I don’t know what world you are living in.

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