Apocalypse , Wounds , Death and decay

Dear Blizz i want to thank you for all the changes and buffs you giving us !
Now i want to point out some things i dont like about Unholy like the tittle say.
I focus more on Mythic+ scene. Now Apocalypse feels weak and underwhelming button to press, the set-up and the ramp up time doesnt make it a good ability, half of DK’s i know dont even pick it i think it needs to be reworked.
Wounds are an uneccecery mini game i dont like and i dont find it “fun” to play specially with all those buffs you put on us to track, Imho wounds should be removed or reworked. Since you like the idea of Dots ( everyone have Dots nowdays) i have an idea keep the wounds but make them a DOT like agony is to warlock and every scourge strike it refresh it .
Lastly the worse of all DnD. I think DnD is outdated clunky and pointless. Instead you can make it work like unholy blight. The game have evolved and requires heavy movement and DnD its opposite of that. Thanks !

IMO Death and decay needs to be deleted. Make wounds pop nearby other wounds when they burst. Then use vile contagion/epidemic alone as our aoe ability. This would make the rotation so much better/less clunky and less prone to crappy dungeon mechanics

Just removing dnd from GCD would help

That would help and maybe increase its duration. But for me they should make it an aura it fits the DK theme better too!

I totally agree, but I don’t know how they’d balance it. We already have one aoe disease ‘aura’ on CD so it would be weird… maybe if it used Rp a little like BoS but when you ran out of Rp it just turned off. I dunno! Food for thought. Doubt they will ever change it as it’s sort of a staple to DK

I used to really dislike UH in M+ during shadowlands, precisely because of that reason. You could only cleave properly every 30s, then the tank moved or even worse, a monk put a ring of peace over your dnd… :rage:

Now since the DF talent rework, having 2 charges has helped significantly helped.

More changes are coming in 10.0.7, notably making previously dead talents more interesting:

I want to see Defile being a viable talent, I like its concept.

Ruptured Viscera getting a notable buff. Not sure it’s enough, but depending on how it will play, can make Apocalypse a viable choice for AoE/cleave.

I’d like to see DKs get auras in pve as well, similar to Necrotic Aura. I don’t understand why this isn’t part of our deffault toolkit. Paladins have auras that buff allies, it’s only thematically logical that DKs have auras that debuff enemies.

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Agree the whole concept of death and decay seems outdated with how much tanks are required to move just for blood it seems like a reasonable button.

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