App Support For 32-bit Android Systems to End Soon

With a patch after the Eternity’s End content update, we will no longer support the operation of the WoW Companion App on 32-bit Android operating systems.

If you’re uncertain whether or not this applies to you, the Eternity’s End content update for the WoW Companion App will include an in-app notification for 32-bit Android users. Again, our support for these older Android operating systems will cease with a patch after the Eternity’s End content update.

Thank you.


I just spent all my money to get a new phone that has a 32 bit android thing, please don’t release the next version for another 3 years, don’t have money to buy another one.


I don’t think you have. They haven’t been available / made / released for many years. An easy way to check: If it lets you install Pokemon Go, it’s not 32 bit. Don’t worry, you don’t have to play it. But it won’t even install on 32 bit phones.


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