Appealing the removal of the range detection APIs from WoW


About 2 weeks ago the WoW APIs were limited so that range cannot be determined while the player is in combat.

This was done in order to prevent some WeakAuras/Addons from trivializing PVE encounters from the new raid, as far as I could google.

However, as a side effect, this broke a lot of other functionality as well, including addons that I’ve used for more than 10 years to make the game more accessible and help me better determine what skills I can use, how far enemies are from me, what abilities they can use and what I can use from said range.

Please reconsider this change. It’s very disruptive. Could you please apply said limitations in raids only, or something else that makes sense?


You would need to make a suggestion ingame about this as they do not take suggestions on the forums.

I think that was the idea behind the change.

I don’t know if this is relevant

But in case.

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From what I could understand, there was a raid encounter where the distance between you and other players was important, so that’s why they did it. But not completely sure.

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