APUs and WoW

Does anyone know how well the latest APUs work with WoW? Like the AMD mobile ones with 780m graphics for example.

I’m not looking to buy one at this time as my PC is fine, I was just interested because there has been a recent surge in mini PCs that use mobile chips. I don’t do too much heavy gaming on the PC these days so one of those might be a future option in a few years time.

They are quite good for mode 3-4 1080p and up. You can check my benchmarks for the previous generations:



I have Ryzen 7840U with 780M in the works for the Dragonflight “re-test”.

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Thanks, I’ve also seen your tests before.

Intel seems to be on the attack now too with their new mobile chips, even if there are teething problems.

Sounds good, look forward to seeing it.

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