AQ Expectations

So, are there actually some safeguards in place to prevent multi-boxers from keeping the zone hostage or is that also “working as intended until Horde QQ so you have to #changeitnow, like AV”?

So I may never be able to see this 10 hour war then due to not being 60 yet and the the zone being full?

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[AQ Expectations]

i expect nothing and i am probably gonna get dissapointed anyway cause when we are going to log in its all going to be over .

I allready saw a few discords where guilds are 100% done with the event .

so much for “classic experience”

lets just hope they are gonna make the mats be higher then back in the days .

Would be nice to have 2-3 weeks before the gates open

And what would you do during those 2-3 weeks? You get a turn in NPC in your city and that’s it. For 2-3 weeks the mats would have to be exotic enough that only hardcore could farm it out. You don’t even get the Silithus Field Duty quests until gates are open.

No thanks, we have had about 24 weeks already.

The EXACT TIME of when the content will be available is 9am CEST, is it? Then explain why there is a maintenance right when the content is supposed to be live. Wouldn’t the content be live at 11am then?

Open transfers on previously locked realm.
Preferably reduce the amount of layers.

But atleast give us an update!!!

Well, yeah.
It’s cheaper than investing money into better servers.
So obviously it’s what ActiBlizzard chooses.
The days of making good games first and earning money from that is over.
It’s ONLY about the money part now.

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You need to talk to vaelzstras after you loot the head from broodlord, so you need two lockouts. The first clear will be some time after the servers restart 7days after P5 not 5 days.

you blatantly chose to ignore everything I wrote didn’t you?

It takes 5 days to move the war effort.

IF you release the content like blizz did now you have to wait 7 days for the second weekly reset to complete the quest and open the gates - which results in an uneven “race”.

IF you release BL drop on this reset and release the content say 4 days later.
Then everyone can get their second BWL reset done within the 5 day timespan that it takes to move the war effort mats to silithus.

It doesn’t a true, Blizz.
Automatic resource collection WAS NOT present in Vanilla and BC.
You’ve introduced it in WoTLK.
Before that Gate was closed until ALL of the resources will not been collected by players.
Some old realms still had CLOSED gate EVEN after release of Burning Crusade.
Huge dislike for that.

So you know better than the actual 1.12 code they have? :slight_smile: and people data that were on small realms?

This is not correct. The realms that were up during the actual AQ patch in Vanilla did get their gates auto-opened 3 months later. The realms that were added after patch 2.0 and didn’t complete their war effort “naturally” did have to wait til patch 3.2 or sometime in that vicinity for their gates to auto-open.
You know, since it was not a top priority for people on the realms where you could actually go to Outland at 58. It was however top prio to make it availible on Vanilla realms when patch 1.11 and Naxx was fast approaching.

Mate, Blizzard had an official internet page in the past for tracking resource collection for AQ war Effort on all of the realms. And you know, it’s not hard in 2020 to find an archived version of this page for most of the dates and check status of resource collection for any available date.

As I already mentioned above, archived pages don’t confirm your words. You are free to find it and check for any date, including before BC release.
Dates of launch for vanilla servers are not a secret also.
There was few old servers which still had closed gates prior BC launch.
Or opened them significantly later after Naxx patch.

And when the transfer will be unlock, you know that aswell? can you give update? !

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Server transfers when? , Medium popped servers locked with multiple layers should be much more than enough to give us able to transfer and able to play with friends again!

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You posted this:

''Once the gong is rung on a realm, the 10 Hour War begins. Once the 10 hours has elapsed, "Bang a Gong!” can never be turned in anymore, the two Ahn’Qiraj raids will open, and the “Treasures of the Timeless One” quest will become available.

The exact times for the ringing of the gong, and therefore the raids opening 10 hours later, will differ on every realm.’’

But Chinese players could enter AQ40 immediately after banging the gong. Despite this post clearly stating that you will have to wait a full 10 hours after banging the gong.

Can we get some clarification on this topic?

Why don’t they just re-enable Layering for the duration of the event? Now there’s not even a possibility for a lowbie like me to even come watch the event for a moment even if it would only be a moment sitting at the gates / gong.

Seems ridiculous to me. Are they going for a “Vanilla Experience” with zone limits and people getting ported out?

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