Arc GPU no Ray Tracing

I have an arc 750 and have come to a problem with it not running for ray tracing. I am running the latest GPU Driver.

I have contacted Intel Support, the Intel Arc Sub Reddit as well as the Discord Intel for some infomation regarding this.

Can I give you any information to help with on your side also?


Arc 750 8GB Limted Edition
32GB DDR4 3200 RAM (2x16GB)
B350 Prime
R9 5900x Ryzen CPU
Windows 11 22h2


I don’t know if WoW supports RT with Arc but if it does you can only use it with DX12.

imho don’t even bother, it will kill your FPS :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem here.
From what I found on google this has happened (and been fixed) before: Ray Tracing no longer working on Intel Arc - Support / Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums (

From the gx.log I can see that the GPUs features are not correctly detected (I think):

GpuInfo: sm:dx_5_0, rt:None, vrt:2, bary:0, mesh:1 pull:1

Another side effect is that VRS cannot be enabled, as the game thinks the card cannot support it.

Arc A750 8GB LE with latest driver (

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I have the same problem here. The game does not allow raytracing to be turned on with Intel ARC A750 and VRS cannot be enabled. I use the latest driver and the game is set to Directx 12. Is there any solution?

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i just installed my Arc A750 and it seems i have the same problem. it’s detected and selected as used gpu but RT and VRS are not selectable

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