Arcane ≠ 1 button class

for anyone still claiming mage arcane is a 1button class x)

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Arcane is a 1button spec and will always be that.

odd, im pretty sure ive pressed quite the amount of spells in the fight


That is your opinion it is however a 1button spec

retri is a 0 button class, even bubble is authomatic x)

so no wonder you making such “good” videos :laughing:

Arcane is 1 button class and always will be 1button class, stop fighting it there is no point.

what does that mean lol

you are bad so your conclusions and observations cost nothing :rofl:

Maybe not 1 button but mostly based on one scenario dude :wink: arcane surge + touch of magi, if you break it ( which isnt hard in game where each character have average 2 stuns ) then thats it :slight_smile: mage struggle,

Arcane pay off when rotation is executed perfectly but it need time/space to to that + if you mess up ( barrage by mistake when y aing got how to build up charges ) you’re pretty much dead :slight_smile:

arcane surge + touch of magi + radiant spark + 2 arcane missles with buff + PoV-Arcaneblast + barrage + Arcaneblast

This is by far the most complicated combo in the game atm.

Paladin on the otherhand has a castsequence zug-zug-boom-dead-macro lol

It is REALLY funny that you try to go around the fact that arcane is a 1button spec by doing the EXACT same thing to another class.
And you do not even understand it.

Except I didn’t. You can’t put the rota I wrote into a working macro.

You say arcane is a 1-button class. I know the meaning. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re wrong.

You can not do that on a paladin if you can not do it on a mage.

You clearly do not because you are doing the same thing you are accusing other people of doing.

Do you know why arcane is a 1 button spec?

Yes I can.

I know the original meaning.
And of course, I can say that one class is, but the other is not.

You haven’t bothered to substantiate your statement so far. So go ahead.

Surely you’ll parse a 99 with arcane then right? Seems like you got it pretty much figured out.

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/golfclap NONE of you understand do you?

Apparently not

What kind of rotation is this?

I forgot mass invisibilty and ring of fire before arcane surge.

it’s the advanced one which is able to oneshot if you are able to cast it without interrupts or mistakes