Arcane Mage PvP Outplays

a 3 minute edit of some outplays ive done in battleground
Artwork done by another mage friend :slight_smile:
song: Prismo - Solo


Well this was a delightful find. I had a good time going through this and some other content of yours on Youtube, so my words are directed towards your production as a whole.

I see a widespread use of battleground and Dragonflight warmode consumable usage, and I approve. It is very entertaining to watch you knock people to their doom with the tools that have been given, and juke the hell out of people with blink, alter time and other tools.

While I do see extensive use of goblin glider kit and nitro boosts, may I ask if you have found the craft-able bombs, tinkers and alchemical potions of Dragonflight expansion any useful in World PvP? Or do they share a cooldown with nitro boosts and thus see little use?

Also good job in carrying out the torch after Vurtne in Undead Mage PvP gameplay.

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What’s the knock back ability please?

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