Arcane suggestion for Touch of the magi

What if instead of just it evaporating into the nether if the target with the touch target dies before the touch can go of it spread into the aoe portion of the spell?

Would be nice not missing out on 150k+ dmg every pack because you killed your own funneling target to quickly.

that or removing the “reduced damage to nearby targets” and let it hit them full force.

Let arcane be the M+ meta build!

Could also make touch explode early if it will kill the enemy. Like if the mob has 150k hp left and you have 150k damage stored in it it just blows up.

Manually exploding it like Cloudburst Totem can be seems like the best option.
Mob is about to die and you still want to utilize whatever damage you stored in ToTM? Explode it.
Mob is about to die and you want to not lose AoE part? Explode it.
Enemy in PVP is close to dying, you have a huge ToTM to execute him and do not want to wait for several seconds during which he can heal / get healed / use an immunity? Explode it.
And the manual explosion should be off-GCD, no need for it to take additional GCD.

Would not solve one tapping the target with a barrage tho, that damage would still be lost.

True, so they could combine these suggestions - allow manual detonation of ToTM and make it release its AoE blast if the target is killed before its detonation.

Reconfigure so the charges build on the mage as a buff. Then released on the final cast whatever is still alive.

Years ago rogues had similar issues with combo points being built up on the mob until they changed it to stack on the rogue.

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