Arcany Crystal Mafia

AZ If the Black Lotus MAFIA isnt enough im gettin mighty tired of the Arcane Crystal Mafia too ! and Blizzard is doin nothing!! No legal actions No banning accounts No investigation !! there are several bots in Razorgore but the Ungoro Crater ones are the best exzample names like rogue Zelaji , mage Vergal , mage Xracer , warrior Rahania level 60 horde characters without a guild are non stop circling the area today at 3:15 was server restart az soo az the servers were back on bots came online to do theyr choires. Im coming to this game to be entertained to make some money for my raiding needs to craft gear but this game began to be a race when i come home from work i got another work and thats try to farm something but with the increasing numbers of bots its impossible is this a Joke to you Blizzard !! do fuqing something about it !!! this isnt Classic !! NO this is the return of the bots !! soo far my game experience is realy bad !!

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