<Architects> Kazzak Horde looking for CE raiders!

Hello and thank you for checking out our recruitment page!

The community of Architects:

Our community goal is to create a team of friendly and skilled gamers where everyone feels at home.
We will have a buzzing Discord where social interaction, great banter and random activities takes place.

Our raiding goal is to progress towards CE (cutting edge) in each tier, while being able to have a great time in between bosses.
You can expect a welcoming atmosphere with a group of players that is focused, dedicated and hungry to progress future content.
Each member of the raid team is expected to continually improve themselves and their fellow team mates in order to reach this goal.

We have two raid schedules; “progress” and “farm”

Progress schedule:
Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 19:30-23:00 server time.

Farm schedule:
Wednesday and Thursday 19:30-23:00 server time.
If one day is enough to clear all content, Thursday will be removed from that weeks raid schedule.

A high attendence is mandatory in order to reduce the size of the raid team for it to be as efficient as possible.

What do WE expect from YOU?

Anyone applying to Architects must be able to play at a Mythic worthy standard.
As we pride ourselves in the social aspect and atmosphere of the guild, we expect you to be able to receive constructive criticism and strive to optimize your gameplay, whilst also contribute to the vision and goals we have set out for the guild.
Punctuality and dedication is highly appreciated but we do understand that real life events can get in the way. As long as you notify an officer in advance there is no issue.

If you’re interested in joining us, please head over to the recruitment page and apply.

If you any questions about joining our guild, feel free to contact:

Discord: Sensei#7275 | Battle.net: Kanpaigaming#2510

Hi, I’m a returning player looking for a hardcore raiding guild for the dragon flight patch. I have every class and every race of tanks but mainly I play DK
Discord: Ailishia#5864

Clearing most raids in the first week on heroic
CE Sylvanas Jaina Archimonde as melee DPS

Hello everyone!

Guild is growing rapidly so an update regarding what we need is required:

*Resto druid / Resto Shaman
*Disc priest
*Holy paladin
*Balance druid

Any raider with experience with their specific class will be considered regardless of listing above.
Feel free to contact me for a chat :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Sent you a message/FR on discord.

Seems you’re not accepting messages from non friends :slight_smile:

Recruitment is on going and team is almost full!

We’re very interested in holy paladin, windwalker and enh/ele shaman to complete our roster for DF mythic raiding.
There are spots available besides listed classes and specs above for any exceptional player that’s interested.

Best regards,


Recruitment update:

2 spots left in the team!

Currently in need of shadow priest / elemental shaman / balance druid / mage

Add Discord: Sensei#7275 | [Battlenet: Kanpaigaming#2510 for a chat :slight_smile:

Currently recruiting:

Holy paladin
Shadow priest

We’re always interested in improving our roster with experienced and dedicated raiders!
If your class isn’t listed above but want to join, please reach out regardless.

Add Discord: Sensei#7275 | [Battlenet: Kanpaigaming#2510 for a chat

Currently in need of:

Resto druid / Mistweaver
Ranged dps

Currently recruiting:

Shadow priest
Elemental shaman