Ardenweald people in 10.2 (potential spoiler)

Idk if someone already asked this but what are the dudes from Arfenweald doing in this patch???
I mean they didn’t say Malfurion had to be SACREFIED for someone to come from there to Azeroth?
And I would somehow accepted it if it was only in the Emerald Dream but what are they doin in Amirdrassil celebration on this side of reality? Who got sacrificed so they could chill out get served food by me?

It’s a trick, you have seen them,but how did they get infiltrated in the dream from Ardenweald and for what purpose,they also small encampment near Amirdrassil.All is not locking good.Remember that it was winterquenn who entrusted the seed to Tyrande,but Tyrande is a blind fool,sorry i am a night elf ,but i camed to realise that she is lost,she has no odeea how to lead us,the night elves.In Shadowlands exp.The winter quenn expresses clearly that she wanted souls for Ardenweald from her syster and so burning Teldrassil ,letting everyone dyes so the soul could feed Ardenweald is genocide and treason,i am done with the Mother Moon.
If you check Amirdrassil you will see it having blue colours just like Ardenweald,i believe the winter quenn will want to spy upon us so,the link,the connection between the winter quenn and the reality is much closer,she infused her magic in the seed to use the tree power and those who will live in Amirdrassil to feed Ardenweald ,with others words we are good as dead for when Ardenweald starves.I kew this was a bad ideea.
Teldrassil was purple and served only for NE,Amirdrassil will serve the Winter Quenn aswell even if Tyrande refuse to see the truth.

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