Are Human DK faces fixed yet?

I’ll try to keep this short.

Prior to Shadowlands human male Death Knights had unique faces that were different compared to those of the regular humans.

Here’s an example of face number 5 pre-Shadowlands on both DK human male and regular human male.

And here’s post Shadowlands.

Here’s another one of my character pre-Shadowlands and post Shadowlands.

As you can see the previously unique faces were nomalised to resemble those of the regular humans. I don’t really know why this change was made and assumed it was a bug. Have they fixed this yet? Are there any plans to address this in a future patch?

I was thinking about returning to the game but knowing that your character looks completely different now for no apparent reasons is a huge bummer.

I understand.

There are many things the devs do I don’t like, but I don’t take it personally, What they did to my mage, however, was different.

I love my mage, but she hasn’t been the same since those honourless talentless hacks butchered her face in Legion. And no, most people won’t notice the difference, and many will say “but there are MOAR PIXELS”, as if that makes up for anything.

I made a DK Face 5 Narrow so you can see the current model. Here:

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Hah, I know an Elf who might have a word or two to say about that.

Looking at the image you posted my issue seems to be unchanged though.
It’s really weird - I don’t know why Death Knights had different faces than regular humans to begin with, though I suspect it has something to do with the order in which facial textures were applied to their respective facial geometry.
My theory is that they got mixed up due to the three additional undead faces DKs used to have and now that they’ve “cleaned things up” to make room for new options, they effectively “fixed” this deleting my face (and all the other ones) in the process.

It might seem like a small detail but it’s incredibly frustrating. I liked my character’s face and I had it for like 6 years.

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