Are mechanical creatures immune to old gods and void?

Just a shower thought.

Considering that the old gods are supposed to be behind the curse of flesh somehow, and that curse affected the original mechagnomes, I don’t think so.


Titan robots were affected by the curse of flesh. And turned into the modern humans, dwarfs and gnomes we see. So I really doubt it. Pretty much everything and everyone can fall to this corruption at any given time.

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No they are not, Old gods can manipulate Biological matter, elements, and In recent Sarkareth bossfight it is shown that void magic can also create holes in fabric of the multiverse. So curse of flesh was just them Basicaly transmuting non-organic matter of the construct/robots to Biological matter.

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they are immune.

this is why Yogg-Saron caused the curse of flesh, because he needed an “easy mode” for him and his buddies. when all the mechanicals turned into flesh, the old gods were super easily able to corrupt them.

i don’t mean mechanical like titan robots, more like the robot dogs or enemies in mechagon or westfall harvesters…etc

But the titan robot example shows that it can and does affect robot bodies and minds. If it works on them, there is no reason it wouldn’t work on simpler bots as well.

Mechanical creatures that were made by titans had life. It was a form of a life, like on in world we have 5 types of life form, so it can be corrupted from old gods (and that did happen).

But if you make mechanical horse that works on gas, it probably won’t be cursed.

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