Are mythic+ in dragonflight FUN?


Not sure if any blizzard employee even reads this forum but I will try anyway.

So I would like to address an issue with the current state of m+ dungeons in Dragonflight and why they are not as fun as they could be (at least for me).

The first thing to look at are the affixes (as many other players already mentioned in the forums). The necrotic and inspiring have been removed but not a single new non-seasonal affix has been added to the game. So right now the same affixes repeat too often and it’s not really hard to get fed up with them.

Secondly (still about affixes), the current rotation of affixes was probably created by someone who does not play the game and does not want others to play it either. Last weeks lethal fortified/raging, this weeks unhealable bursting/grievous are not really combinations anyone who actually plays the game is enjoying. I have always thought that the combination is like one impactful affix + one less impactful affix + forti/tyra + seasonal affix. But this season proves that I am wrong.

Thirdly, I am not sure what lead to this capping of every class to certain number of targets. This has started in Shadowlands and I know that I and any of my friends did not really enjoy it. I feel like all we want to do is pull big and see big numbers so this - “deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets” is not really what I like to see. I remember back in BFA many classes had abilities that were really satisfying to press… basically - big damage and no cap. Right now I am not sure if i came across something at least simillar (but well I play only tank specs).

So this is what I feel needs a change, let me know what you think.

I think M+ in DF are fun.
I play all 3 roles and did quite a lot of dungeons. Would even run more if I had the time.

Certainly there are affixes that are annoying or needs certain group setups, especially for pugs.

bursting is a problem for some dungeons if you don’t invite a priest as fail safe.
quaking tyrannical is freaking terrible on some bosses, not even because of the dmg/spread mechanic but the cast stop. Quaking on hyrja or NO elemental is just terrible in my opinion as a healer

storming is annoying but not as bad.
Sanguine and raging requires certain group setups which makes it bad for pugging in general.

but from my experience, all affix combinations can be pugged. some better than others.
I don’t really thing affixes make M+ a lot less fun, rather than just the players being so bad at interrupting or avoiding bad stuff. If you install elitist helper and you see how much avoidable dmg people take sometimes, you really want to deinstall

I only heal nowadays (due to lack of playtime for alts) but i still really enjoy M+ this season.

Some of the affixes are a bit nasty when teamed up, like this week is bursting+grevious which is a real tough week for us healers but still doable.

Fun is subjective.

If you’re going to PuG, I hope you enjoy suffering. Because that’s what M+ in DF is like most of the time.

And yet most of us still do it.

So you think someone enjoys those combinations of affixes I mentioned above? Two really impactful affixes together, can turn 1 missed global cooldown into a wipe even when doing lower keys. And I would consider wiping not a fun thing to do - not sure about other people.

However I agree, pugging is suffering nowadays, but what else can be done when your guild healer quits the game for a week because of the affixes :hushed:

I find them fun, but I mostly play with guildies and friends rather than randoms.

Oh there most definitely are people out there that enjoy these affixes.

Me, as a healer, this week, refrain from commenting. :zipper_mouth_face:

Honestly yeah, this week has been great for more coordinated groups or at least pugs doing 22s-24s. The affixes being more focused on impacting mistakes and not specifically adding additional things to deal with or just slowing down the key has put a real emphasis on cleanly playing the dungeons themselves and not so much the affixes holding us back.

M+ is fun, it’s really fun. I think the other players make the game a lot less fun tho.

People seem to leave/rage for the most random reasons and completely ruin the keyholder’s key. I’m really selective in who I invite to my keys nowadays because I want to avoid people that seem toxic as much as possible or I want to avoid being in situations where people might become toxic as much as possible.

Hosting your own key is a very unenjoyable process as well. I’m just sitting in the LFG tool without anyone applying for 10 min+ and when someone does show show up they leave within 2 minutes because nobody else queues up. This becomes better in +20 keys, but then I’m just constantly in fear that someone’s going to leave my key because they suck or because someone else sucks, it’s a very stressful experience and it has nothing to do with the dungeon itself.

Am I the only one NOT looking forward to Halls on Illusion in S2 ?

I like M+, I just wish that people allowed others to learn.

Let me explain that a bit clearer, that doesn’t mean a carry of a low geared character, I believe carrying is pretty rough anyways, in a pug!

WHat I mean is, I started doing alllll +2/3s , then I went to +4-6, once geared a bit and comfy, I went +7-9, last reset I went +9-13, now I’m still on the +13, but I did try a +15. If I know I can’t do it, I won’t enter, but pugs are still pugs.

I main to clear all +13s and then I go up.

But what I meant to say, if I cleared a +13, and try to enter a +14, I expect there’s some room to get used to it. I won’t go from a 13 to trying a +20, not for me, plus I’d ruin a key.

I think they are fun. But none of the affixes are actually fun.

I’m never looking forward to next week thinking that it’s going to be fun finally having affix X. I’m simply looking forward to next week being easier/less annoying but I can’t genuinely say that any of them make the dungeon more fun and they make me want to play more because I like them.

But like I said, I still like mythic+ but affixes should be reworked to also have positive effects.

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