Are PVP players good at PVE aswell? (The answer might surprise you)

Hi guys,

I felt that it was so easy to only push arena every season, so I got my 2.1 for gear and then I swapped to m+ this season.

Currently 3000 rio score aiming for top 0.1% to get title from m+.

Do you think its common for people to master both pvp and pve to be among the top 0.1% ?

What other challanges is there for players like me left in the game? Any thought from people feeling the same?


I agree, I also got 2100 cr with like 70% win rate, eve tho I play one of the worst specs in game.

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Is it that time of the year again?


Iconic post.

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Every village need their own village silly :slight_smile:

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Did you just forget to swap character and answered your own post?


ye he did

I quote it before he realizes his fck up and deletes this.


There is no fk up. He always does this.

So is he officially the village idiot of eu forums?


what u mean is.

you decided to buy M+ boosts instead of arena? :smiley:

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heres what happened

vicii bought glad in s3, got banned for 30 days and had rewards removed. Now he is buying m+ boost instead since he realized glad boosts no longer work.


Mans so stoned out of his mind he forgot this was his own post and replied to himself

Nah those are different characters with the same tmog

Viicii is just a gem

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For “players like you” ? I reckon that the ultimate challenge would be achieving 1/100 of all that without swiping the credit card even once

I wish I could frame this thread.

Most Pvpers I met are god awefull in PvP.
Most Pveers I met are god awefull in PvP.

They both make fun off the other content type.

I think its important to ESTABLISH who is the king for each class in the game going into next expansion, and when we look back at Shadowlands.

It is widley accepted that I am the best frost mage world for years now. But guys ALERT ALERT, If this m+ season continues like this for me i will CLAIM “Best mage world PVP&PVE” going in to DF.

WIth that beeing said guys, show some respect and learn from the best rather than jokeing I got boost. Everyone who play with me get boost per definition since I’m highest rated in my spec for many seasons in a row.

If I didn’t played wow casually I would be winning tournaments by now as FROST. With that beeing said guys, I will now be active both on the PVP forums aswell as in the PVE forum so everyone knows whatsup.


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It’s funny because it is a typo and it is still true.


I find most trolls on forums annoying. Its rare to meet funny ones. For that you get at least 1 like which is not your own + answer :smiley:

When it comes to PvP vs PvE I suck at both. But I suck much more at PvE because I hate any challenging PvE content. I hate repetitivnes of dungeon runs. I hate raids because of memorising stuff in long raid fights which are about memory+execution. I die to same s**t all the time even after watching 5 videos and trying it 5 times. My PvP peak is 1800 after like 14 years of playing WoW(with breaks ofc) because I am not willing to put enough effort in something I like and play it with voice or good comp. How am I suppose to put effort into something I hate then (which is anything that does not include killing other players)

PvP is more about predicting, past experience, improv and reacting which is fun for me. Learning boss fights(or playing dungeon more than 1-2x) is like torture to me and when its over, even if we beat it, I am like: FINALY. But not in positive sense from beating that challenge. In sense like when you get rid of bad illnes.