Are the Developers literally working on the long-awaited "Emerald Dream" expansion, as we speak?

I’m about 99% certain that this will be the next expansion. It just seems like the right time, and the natural place to go after Dragonflight. They’re already developing so many storylines around the Green Dragonflight, that will lead into more later on.

[Spoilers below from the 10.0 storyline.]
Such as the planting of a new world tree, and the return of Ysera.

In previous interviews they’ve said that Dragonflight was already being developed even before Shadowlands launched, so we know they work atleast 1 full expansion ahead of time. (It’s crazy to think that all of the patches for Dragonflight, and everything we’ll see over the next 2 years, is probably almost completely done already.)

I have no idea how they’d even pull off an expansion with such an extravagant theme though. Then again it is Blizzard, and they always find a way to blow my mind regardless.

If they are using Emerald Dream as a setting for content, i think it’ll be for a major patch (x.1,x.2, x.3) more than an Expansion. It’s typically the kind of theme they use as a patch and if it is, it probably won’t be tied to Dragon Isles but to the War between Light and Shadow that’s coming, maybe framing the new green flight and Malfurion as allies in the dream, but there’s not enough content to be made with this kind of place without doing the Shadowlands error of overexplaining it.

After WoD and SL I would suspect the devs to be wary of choosing some foreign, cosmic setting for the addon. And really… thematically the Emerald Dream as a concept doesn’t exactly lend itself to 4+ sufficiently different themed zones, without doing what Shadowlands did, and randomly expand the cosmic nature of the place. Patches and raids seem to be a much more suitable setting to tackle the Dream. And that might even be part of this addon.

Yes, I see what you’re saying. I was initially imagining it not actually entirely taking place inside the dream, but just aspects of it, with the actual zones in our world.

There will definitely be a raid themed around the Emerald Dream in Dragonflight though. The portal at the Ancient Bough in the Ohn’ahran plains, has been designed in such a nice way, that it’s bound to be a raid entrance.

“The Vassal of Life disguises treachery, beware the eyes of green”


bigger chance we something about Avalon in next expac, probably already in this one, but if Avalon acutaly is an other continent, then that could be it.

I’m holding my hopes high for the black empire instead. It looks like we’re slowly heading towards that… and I hope there will be a void themed expansion sooner or later. Probably when dragonflight ends, the old gods will come back to life, and Anduin will come back from the shadowlands to get ready for the void lords the Jailer was worried about.

But that’s just me loving old gods stuff I guess.

I hope not. I am sick and tired of seeing night elves every xpac. Give me something Horde related.

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I hope not.

Emerald Dream would just be; play Night Elf Druids or fall asleep.

It’s like those people who want an expansion based on the Kaldorei Empire. Just Highborne buildings everywhere.
Besides, what difference would there be between how the Alternate Draenor was created and how Alternate ancient Kalimdor would be created. Their would be none and it would be so confusing. I still don’t understand how Draenor connects to modern Azeroth.

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I hope so, night elves are a race with such a complex and interesting story, they deserve to get love and attention along with the other elven races.
Thoug a whole expansion based around the esmerald dream could become boring after some time, i would prefer it as a patch, like Argus in Legion.

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I think that ship has sailed away, especially after shifting more towards Ardenwield stuff with Ysera, we might even see them expanding the Ardenwield stuff in Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft Lifelands, help the 4 fairy ladies to kill the evil Gardener who is the true evil behind the Warcraft saga.

I hope not. It’s just as boring as dragons.

Yes, I remember reading something about this a while ago, but couldn’t find anything when I looked it up.

It could simply be a brand new continent that they add. I’m imagining it mostly being themed around the Night Elves, with multiple portals to the Emerald Dream throughout. So while all the zones are still in our world, and not set entirely within the dream itself, the story would be centred around elements of the Emerald Dream.

Just trying to work out what the actual story could possibly be. Such as:
What/who would be the main threat?
What would be our reasons for going there?
What could the cinematic possibly show?

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