Are the loot tables rigged? - Discussion

Are loot tables rigged based on who starts the raid? - Discussion

So been having this conspiracy and I’m not the only one who noticed It, I’ve heard a couple talk about it before ever since classic when ppl were chasing bindings.

For 3 phases during classic, my guild had received 1 binding.
We recruited the the raid leader from another guild which had 4 thunderfury’s up until that point. After he started handing out the invites to ppl, the first raid we got one, and by the time we reached p6 we had 2 tanks with tf and our best rogue.

Now during ulduar it’s also really apparent, in our guild it could be 3 different players starting the raid. One of them always hands out hunter and hpala items, our tanks were starving on gear for the whole phase until we swapped raid leader for the last 3. Instead of skyforge bow every single freaking reset we’ve been receiving fate clutch, alga shield and huge items like scale of fates, flare of the heavens and voldrethar.

Sure throw the tin foil argument against me, but I’m pretty sure everyone of you playing got 2-3 ppl in your guild bringing this topic up sometimes.

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It’s my belief that drops don’t work like a random roll and 1-10 gets item 1, 11-20 gets item 2 etc.

I think if it rolls 1-10 you get the first item, then it moves onto the second, rolls again and if it’s 1-10 and you get the second item, all the way to the last and if that isn’t successful it starts again with the first item.

These might sound similar but there is a vital difference the second one means you can get the same item over and over again.

There is no way to know unless you worked on the game, but the loot is most likely just based on a seed created for your raid ID. I’m only assuming it would be so Blizzard would have a way to check what dropped in case there are any tickets created created claiming things like “oh we couldn’t loot item, but it dropped. I have no pics” which used to be rather common in the past. It wouldn’t have anything to do with who is in the raid or who created the group, it is just a pseudo-random string.

Yes it is - 100%. Ive done bloodboil for the staff for for 18 or 19 lockouts, and after i got my M’uru mace, it dropped instantly.

Thats called random chance…

I was sacrastic Mr Fun Police

My word, this topic brings back some memories. All those theories about what ‘seeds the loot table’.

I’ve heard some whacky ones over the years:

The loot table is seeded based on the order that the party enters the dungeon, if the tank goes first then no plate gear will drop.

The first person who enters the portal determines the loot ID number

Yeah some people honestly believed that.

I’ve even known people who /roll multiple times before a boss fight in order to ‘get all the bad rolls out of the way’.

But all are most of this is pure superstition.

As far as I can tell random loot is random, there’s no magic tricks, no 'seeding of loot tables based on xxx criteria’ It’s just pure, dumb, unadulterated luck. Every time a boss dies invisible numbers roll behind the screen and the results are no more predictable than the winning numbers in a lottery game.

Though I will say, the more you want it. the more unlikely it seems you are to get it - which is why I bought that stupid egg every single week from the Oracles during the original Wrath, and kept doing so for month after month, year after year all the way through the expansion and never got anything but yolks and an entire flock of Tickbird hatchlings, whereas others in my guild got it immediately as soon as they bought their first egg.

This version of Wrath has been no different thus far.

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Well… technically you could do that since the rolls are LFSR not true random, however without knowing the seed or how it is calculated “getting the bad rolls out of the way” is more random than just taking a chance.

I aggree with you mostly, except for this. People have succesfully “scouted” for glaives in original TBC by trying to link them inside a raid, so the loot is determined by a seed (probably based on raid id) when the raid is spawned. Doesn’t make it any less random, just that the numbers don’t “roll” at the point of boss death, but when the raid id is assigned.
We humans just have this amazing ability to seek out patterns even where there are none. Which of course is evolutionarily advantageous because the monkey who sees a lion behind every moving bush will survive to breed.
I know rationally it’s pure rng, but my brain still entertains the idea that I am cursed because I’ve seen no Flares, no Hodir Staves and only one Scale (in a pug started by someone else) in this entire phase. And those items just so happen to be on top of my wishlist. Rng is a fun mechanic.

Actually I was wondering how the random numbers are worked out. There isn’t just one possible way, there are quite a few. Computers cannot be truly random.

Is it based on a random number, is it the whole raid id, is it one number from the raid ID, is the from the time of the kill, is it from the time the first person entered the raid, is it based on the iLevel of the tank?

That’s just a few off the top of my head.

One of the raid leaders for gdkps I was running with on TBC had offhand warglaive drop every single week since BT opened … the only times it didnt drop was when he wasnt playing, maybe like 3-4 weeks total xD …

After month or so of this happening, every buyer that needed offhand was automatically assigned to his raids :smiley:

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