Are there any things that you regret about WoW?


DK is actually looking pretty good now.

I regret not doing MoP challenge modes, for the mounts not the transmog.

I regret not putting more time into alts when classes were more different.

I regret staying up for Legion launch. I was so tired I didn’t enjoy it. The only think I remember is being tired and going to bed after I ran out of motivation.


Are these all things you regret??


Looks more like their wish list for the game, not a list of things they regret doing / not doing.


That as well, but it’s pretty obvious. Still, horse races are chancy at best. I’d rely more on less volatile info like stock moves based on important inventions and developments.

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Not necessarily a regret, but i wished i had another main than a mage. I’m fine with mage, but I would have rather been a main with a tank spec. Something like a DK. or a warrior. Maybe next expansion, i’ll go with my dk as my main. Because this expansion most certainly is not worth changing mains now. Specially that i have to grind for multiple weeks again, to unlock essences and azerite levels.


I regret not raiding Uldir on my rogues, it’s hard to farm xmogs now.

And I regret not completing bfa s2 aspirant pvp set on my rogues again, cause now I’d probably like to have the belt, but I won’t be able for quite a while (if ever). I hate pvp tho, I couldn’t get myself to play it more than I did. Atleast I was lucky enough to drop the pants.


I don’t really regret it, but I wish I didn’t skip multiple expansions.

(Tèsla) #28

I have regret about skipping Mop… Ive left after 2 months… This toon (a worgen at the times) was idle on the pier of the jade forest for 3 years and half…

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I regret companies constant need for change and evolving content and mechanics, even if it makes everything so much worse and theres a huge drog because of it.

That’s what I regret, no one can ever be satisifed with a good product, people use and like the product but after awhile they without negative stimulus like sales drops feel the need to alter the product and ruin it.

Like the recent Asda milkshakes, vanilla milkshakes were perfect and they changed the recipe for no reason and now it sucks and no one buys them.

Greed is a cancerous deadly sin. Pride is superior sin.

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I don’t mean their performance. I mean their design. It sucks. I hate it. I hope 9.0 brings a complete overhaul for all three specs, especially frost.


I regret not rolling that damned warrior back in vanilla … stupid waterwalking …

(Dragonsworn) #32

I regret not buying blizzard before Activision. But in all seriousness the mage tower in Legion I regret not getting all the apperences.

(Archronos) #33

Becoming a mount collector…while having OCD…


I like unholy but yeah frost is pretty bad right now.
I would love to see the option to dual wield or use a 2 hander again.

Personally I just miss specs not having defined borders and bleeding into one another.

Like how Dk still had the presences or the different runes. I wish I played DK and warlock back in MoP.
I only played mage, which was fun, but I missed out on so much I think.

(Lellína) #35
  1. Staying too long in a guild that treated me like trash.
  2. Spent 130€ on realm transfers to be on the same realm with a friend so we could start a guild and stuff… he quit playing 2 weeks later.
  3. Leaving the comfy social guild I was in back in WotLK to try raiding, first and last time I was happy in a guild.
  4. The fact that I started raiding and kept raiding even tho I realized I hated it.
  5. My husband offered to give me his Hyacinth Macaw when we had just started dating and I declined because I thought it was a bit too much and he might regret giving it to me if we broke up. Well 8 years later he has quit the game and I don’t have hyacinth Macaw :smiley:


I regret not buying Thistle Tea recipe when I could.

(Uldurin) #37

I also regret starting too late, but i got on the wow train in BFA so i have missed even more :sweat_smile:

For some reason i just never thought i would enjoy it because it was an mmo, oh how wrong i was :frowning:

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I regret playing the Horde side, it made me realise how little effort Blizzard puts in to my main faction.

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