Are there any things that you regret about WoW?


I regret not getting MoP challenge mode armor sets and the mount… Thinking back there was no reason for me to not get them.

(Keyur) #2

I don’t regret skipping M+ and gearing up.

(Ãve) #3

i regret spending money on bfa.


I regret not playing content when it was relevant.
I feel ashamed i still need to unlock pathfinder and do all quests.

Good thing classic is comming.
Fresh starts for everyone.
No past mistakes to wear you down.


I got it on 2 classes shouldve got it on many more :frowning:

i cri everi taim

(Looksmaxxed) #6

In b4 “No ragrets” pic from We’re the Millers



I regret bying bfa.

(Redoctober) #8

I regret WoW got to this point.

(Blacklock) #9

Only mistake is blizzard relying on a past game like classic just for subs


Waiting for my friend to log in during the BFA prelaunch event.
He came back the day after it ended, so I missed out on the Hippogryph…
I should have kicked his butt and got him to log on and do it with me, but as the nice ahole that I am, I waited for him and missed it.

(Chocoh) #11

Not getting the guardian steroid furbolg skin in legion. Litterally just couldn’t be bothered at the time lol.

(Nimrhys) #12

Having my character since Classic do all the things since Classic. Been benched since end of Cata and an alt… I can try and do Loremaster and grind reps etc per expansion but it’s not the same.


I regret not starting not to use flying earlier. I’ve learned to appreciate those little details around azeroth you nowadays miss.

You especially miss alot of half naked night elves, which is terrible.

(Punyelf) #14

I didn’t like the MoP Challenge Mode armour set and transmog wasn’t really a big thing back then. For collection purposes I wish I’d bothered now. I dropped out of our group after getting the mount part done and made way for someone else who did want the armour set.

Part of me regrets not getting Tyrael’s Charger but I really hated Cataclysm and stopped playing. I’m not sure I could ever have justified paying a sub when I wasn’t playing. But I still missed out on a nice mount.

(Croecell) #15

I regret not getting the priest challenge mode set.

I got the shaman one instead.


Vendoring the full Undead Slayer’s Blessed armour set (leather) from undead invasions since my bank was full. Same for the full Cadaverous Garb set from old Scholomance. All the transmogs… :frowning:

  • MoP challenge without Mythic +.
  • Quest and progression harder like Classic.
  • Master Loot and “greed or need” / “round robin”.
  • As a group, round robin loot on corpse.
  • Lower statistics/golds/level/damage/heal/all the maths from the game.
  • Mage Tower.
  • No allied races, just add new skin on existing race instead of making new race.
  • Raid as the single source of truth for best loot.
  • No titanforge/warforge.
  • Pre-socketed item, not RNG socket.
  • Head socket.
  • Real craft and pattern hard to get.
  • No flying mount.
  • No catch-up, only at the end of the extension.
  • Unique class design.
  • Less things in the game (500+ mount ? Really ?).
  • No achievements.
  • Stats transformation with reforge.
  • Real World Boss (like Oondasta).
  • No azerithe/neck/AP system.
  • No time gate.
  • Raid with more than 10 boss.
  • Dungeons length increased (~1 hours and some dungeons ~2 hours).
  • No DH.
  • Legendary like Classic/TBC.
  • 25 man raids.
  • Keyring.
  • Raid attunement.
  • Multi-raid release (like in TBC : Gruul, Maghteridon, Karazhan, SSC, TK, Hyjal, available day one).
  • Real talent tree like PoE or at least Classic/TBC/.WOTLK.
  • No World Quest, daily as a single source of truth for daily content with max 25 daily done.
  • Daily Heroic dungeon.
  • Emblem to buy gear.
  • World Event like Quel’Danas Island Event and AQ War Event.
  • No Bind Of Account items.
  • No Heritage item.
  • Honnor point and Arena point to buy honnor gear and arena gear.
  • 5vs5 in arena.
  • End of WoW Token.
  • Ban booster and multi-boxing.
  • Gold reset (transformed into subscriptions to WoW with the same rate as WoW Token).
  • Remove Island.
  • Improve graphics to AAA game.
  • No cross-realm.
  • Merge low pop realm.
  • No cross-realm-zone.
  • Remove faction (you can play with everyone and BG/Arena is randomixed).
  • Remove warmode, back to PvP/PvE server (World PvP is cross-faction you can fight anyone unless you are grouped).
  • Lower mount speed (100% is the max).
  • 1 graveyard per zone.
  • 1 flypath per zone.
  • Res Sickness removed, you just end up with durability penalty.
  • Migration removed, only free migration available to low realm pop - free.
  • No sharding.
  • I can continue, it will take 1000+ lines to get it done.

People are toxic as hell

I regret starting too late, in Cata.

If I would send a message back to myself in 2005, I would include an instruction to start WoW (along, of course, with a list of stock prices, lottery numbers, horse race results … :P)

(Redoctober) #19

Someone has been watching Travelers on Netflix? :wink:

(Uruk) #20

I regret maining DK in BfA.